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Old 21-04-2007, 22:30
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BIOS screen cursor not moving, how come?

Hello everyone. Me and a friend just installed a Hyper-X modchip on his X-Box Version 1.4. We followed the instructions and are able to get the BIOS screen to load up. I also have a CD ready with the new BIOS I need to install. The problem is, the cursor on the screen isn't moving. It says Network Flash, Flash from HDD, Flash from Disk, Load HDD, Unload HDD, and starts on either the 1st or 2nd option but we can't move it with the controller or select anything. Also, the manual said the chip should flash red but it's green for us. Still, I know the Hyper-X manual itself is recycled from the Spider chip manual so maybe it's actually supposed to be green? We're both amateurs, little knowledge of flashing, and totally clueless on what's causing this problem so any help would be GREATLY apprechiated. Thanks!
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Old 27-04-2007, 05:56
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Hello, have you solved the problem?

Are you booting the xbox with the cd in it or out?

Take the CD out of the xbox and power down.

Next, boot the xbox by using the power button, not the eject button. Select CD flash and the tray will open for you, do not open the tray yourself. Next, put the disk in the tray. Do not close the tray, it will close automatically for you as well. After it closes, The LED will turn orange or red and will signify that it is writing the flash. Do not power off.

Make sure your modchip is set to "flash enabled" if it has flash protection. You also need to burn the CD a specific way in order for the bios.bin to read, it is a lot easier to just enable http and flash through the web browser.
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