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Old 17-12-2005, 17:49
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Angry Sniper Elite - Shot through the walls??!! (online)


I've just noticed a shameful cheat playing online. Some people can cheat somehow, so they can shot through walls, floors, entire buildings. I was shot to dead in a windowless room from nowhere, in the basement from two floors higher (through the floor), on the roof, while the cheater was standing on the ground floor under me. Normally it's impossible, this is NOT a bug. I'm not a rookie so I know what's possible and what's not. I play this game for one month now but these strange happenings appeared only two days ago or so. I don't know about any cheat or trainer for online gaming. Do somebody know something about it? Thanks!

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Old 17-12-2005, 18:33
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Yea.. Its called a "wallhack" sadly people use it online.. People feel the need to use them even though they're not gaining any skill by doing so.. Basically it just lets you see through walls and shoot through them as well. Like a no clipping mode only its visible.

I don't know about Sniper Elite but try joining a server that has an anti cheating system in pace.. Counterstrike and other valve games have these. They require you let the server check your gaming files before play and if they detect a cheat you will be banned.

Just my input.. DABhand and several other users could probably provide a better description.
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Old 17-12-2005, 20:47
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Yep its a wall hack, and used by scum and people who cant play a game, dont listen to them say the usual excuse "im l33t at the game, I was bored" nahhh they werent they just cant handle the fact they are crap at it and kept dying easily.

Do not go down the same avenue as them.. Cheaters dont prosper and they also ruin communities and your gaming experience as you can see.
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Old 17-12-2005, 21:42
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Old 27-01-2006, 16:31
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Should thn

Should this be in multiplayer?
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