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Old 15-05-2006, 00:55
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Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance + Black Knight + Mercenaries + Mechpacks

i think its still very good game, and i didnt find cd-2-dvd conversion, so i tried to do my own because i like to have more-than-one-cd games in one place for comfort installation and playing

needs : mw 4 vengeance (2cd), black knight (1cd), clan mech pack (1cd), inner sphere mech pack (1cd), mw4 mercenaries (2cd)

downloads : MW4Patch3 (for vengeance only) or MW4PatchBKpr1 (for vengeance+black knight), MW4PatchMpr1 (for mercenaries)

cracks : need NOCD crack (best way i think) or u will still need orig. cd in cdrom. DL nocd for vengeance v3.0, pr1 for black knight and pr1 for mercenaries (i found all so u can too) or another version what u want to use (these are the newest)

make folder VENGEANCE on hdd, copy files from cd1 and then from cd2 WITHOUT overwriting. make folder BLACK_KNIGHT and copy there all files from cd black knight. make CLANPACK folder and copy files from clan pack cd, folder INNERPACK for inner sphere pack and copy files. make MERCENARIES folder and copy files from cd1 merc. and then cd2 merc. (without overwiting)
**u can delete some files like autorun.inf which isnt used :-)

then make folders PATCH, CRACKS, SERIALS, (MAPS, MODS, TRAILERS...) or what u want and copy there cracks, patch and serials if u want (i like all-in-one :-))

now, we need autorun menu, u can use for example cdmenupro or your favorite menu-builder program and link there setup files from all folders (veng., black, packs, merc.) - just one click comfortable install (or dont make autorun menu and click on setups files in folders manually)

posible installations : 1)vengeance, 2)black knight, 3)mech packs, 4)patch, 5)nocd crack - or without packs or without black knight or without both (then use another patch for vengeance only and another nocdcrack of course)
1) mercenaries, 2)mech packs (dont need), 3) patch, 4) nocd crack

u dont need use patches, but u will have to find another nocd crack/cracks if u wont to use them, or dont use nocd cracks (i think its nonsense to make this dvd without nocdcracks) and use your orig. cd

and u can DL some new maps, co-op patch, mektek patch or whatever and put in dvd, it has only about 3.5GB so we have about 1GB free (on dvd)

sorry for my english, i hope everyone will understand what i wrote, and if anybody find i mistake (or i forgot something important) please tell me. thx.

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