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F1 2001 - making a working back up

hi guys and maybe a few gals !

it seems a few of you have had problems making a back up of this game.

i managed to make 2 working back ups using 2 different methods.


OK, the second is probably the easier of the two if you can get hold of the right patch for your version.

the first is pretty straightforward too, as long as you have a copy of clonecd and a cd writer that supports RAW DAO reading n writing you should be able to make a working back up of this game.

1. download and install INSEKTORS from GCW ....you should be able to see it in the top of this page.
2. read the image of the original F1 2001 disc to clone to create a .ccd image...i normally name as the game in the file folder for ease of finding it later on.
3. open up INSEKTORS and just have a little peruse of whats on the INSEKTORS program, you need to import the .ccd image into the INSEKTORS window and click on prepare to prepare the image before burning back to cd.
4. this takes a few minutes to alter the safedisc2 sectors in the image.
5.once done make sure you tick all the boxes in the cd drives control and status box in the INSEKTORS program window for your burner or rom drive. unless you do this it wont work.
6. you also need to install the hook by going to installation/check box and installing the driver for your version of windows. then reboot to activate.
7.open up clonecd and find the F1 2001 image which has now been altered by INSEKTORS (you can unprepare the image back to its original state if you need to at a later date if yu want to try the method number 2 from above) and burn to cd.
8. install the game and provided you have followed the instructions in the help section of INSEKTORS you shouldnt have any probs .

it seems a bit long winded but it works and is clear once youve done it .

good luck.
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