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Old 21-04-2003, 21:05
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I have put this together b/c it seems people keep asking the same questions over and over again.

If you have any thing to add, please fell free to reply to the post.


Do I need a mod chip to play copied game?

Can I play online with a modchip?
Yes and no. You can go on XBox Live as long as your modchip is truned off.
You can however use Xbox Connect, or Game Spy with your modchip turned on, and you can play with your copies.

What is EvoX?
EvoX is the software you run on your XBox that allows you to FTP in and copy all the files off the game DVD. It also allows you to run back ups and other software from your XBox hard drive.

What kind of media can the XBox read?
All XBoxes can read DVD-R/RW DVD+R/RW. And most can read CD-RWs. The newer ones can read CD-Rs.

What kind of cable do I need to connect my XBox to my computer?
If you are going right from your XBox to your PC, you will need a crossover cable.
Or you can use two straight cables in with the use of a Hub, Switch, or Router.

What is the best modchip?
Different people think different things. Search the forums and see what people are saying about each clip.
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Old 06-05-2004, 23:50
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Do I need to lock my HD when installaing a larger one:
Yes you do if you want to use Xbox live or play with your chip disabled

Can I use my Xbox HD on my PC after replacing it with a larger one:
Yes - but you need to have unlocked it first whilst it is installed in the xbox it came in - use the slayer CD

Note: - xbox HD's are only 8 to 10GB so most people would not bother using them when most PC sytsems are now sold with 40, 80 and 120GB drives.

How do I set up a larger HD for use in my Xbox:
1) Install the desired chip
2) Boot using the chip active and the slayer CD inserted
3) Unlock the original HD (if you want to use it later in a PC)
4) FTP to the xbox to back up any saved games (skip this if it is a new xbox)
5) Remove HD
6) Insert new HD with it set to cable select
7) boot using the slayer CD - format the HD and install applications
8) lock the HD

I could add more but typically - I suggest the best source is xbox-scene.

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Can I just do a 1:1 copy with the dvd-rw drive in my PC?
No - Xbox games cannot be read in a PC. They are encrypted and burned in a different format.

What must I do to backup my disks?
Well, it involves connecting to your xbox via ftp, and copying the game files directly off your xbox's DVD drive. Then either creating an xbox iso image to burn, or do a normal data burn (record now max is recommended). That is the only way to copy a disk.

Are there alternatives to using evox?
Yes - You can use other applications such as Media-x-Menu, Avalaunch, Unleash-X, Xbmp, or any other network supported dashboards. Most (if not all) of the above are skinable and some supported video/animated skins.

What is a dashboard?
It is the startup application that the xbox boots to when there is no disk present.

I've seen people with colored original xbox dashboards, can I do that?
Yes - there is a group called tHc that managed to add skin support and hack the original dashboard. They have released their own versions. Great for modders. (does not/will never support FTP)
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