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Old 09-01-2002, 08:44
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Silent Hill 2 fmv skip

I just backud up a copy of silent hill 2 and for some reason the full motion vidio in the game skips, everything else works fine. If I use Devil may cry or GTA3 as a boot disk the game loads fine but only the video skips. If I use the original copy of SH2 to boot my backup of SH2 then the glitching goes away. I have a pioneer A03 dvd-r burner and am using pioneer media.

My first guess when I saw the problem was that it was bad media. But when I relized that the game worked perfect with using the original as a boot diskd it thought that couldn't be the problem.

I have a US ver 4 ps2 and neo 2.2.
I have read of this problem in the past with silent hill 2. I just can't find the old posts.

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Old 19-02-2003, 20:29
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re fmv skip

yeah i got the same problems too. i backed it up on verbatim dvd-r and i have the neo 2.2 and v1 ps2
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