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FTP from your PC to your Xbox using a crossover cable

to make a back up of an xbox game you need to rip it directly from the console's drive either to your hdd or via FTP to your PC for a burn.

Tutorial to FTP from a PC to Xbox (for WinXp and Vista)

*your xbox has to be at least somehow modded and have evoX or unleash-X.

*you need a crossover (cat5e) so that you can hook it up from your PC to your Xbox. this tutorial is based on this method and not usinga router or anything else.

**(the slash (/) stands for "folder/directory" for file paths in a PC)

intro: to pull up your PC's IP network configuration: go to /start menu and type "cmd" and press enter. this is the
command prompt window. now type in lower case letters and without any spaces, ipconfig/all. all of your network info will show up. also keep an eye out for TCP/IPv4 which is your IP primary address (numbers) which you will use later.

a. essentially you are going to set an IP address to your PC and to your xbox so that you can FTP between them. in win xp or vista, go start menu/to control panel/network internet/network & sharing center /manage network settings. now, right click on local area connection and then click on "properties." once in you'll
look for internet protocol 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on it so that it will be highlighted and click on the "properties" button on the lower right. click on "use the following IP address" and then on the IP address box type "" on the subnet mask box the following address would look like this "" and now click on ok.
go back and doublecheck that the new IP address and subnet mask have the right inputs. you are manually assigning an IP address for your LAN/ethernet port so that you can hook up a crossover/cat5e cable.

it would look like this:

internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
IP address:
subnet mask:

b. go to your xbox and in system settings you will configure your network settings. change and give the xbox a "static" IP address option instead of "dynamic." next, input the following for a new IP address "" and
for the subnet mask "" for the default gateway you need to type in the default gateway address/ numbers that you recently saw in the command prompt window when you typed in ipconfig/all in the beginning of this tutorial. for the first DNS (primary DNS) spot type in the LAN's IP address which is ""

it would look like this:

type: static
subnet mask:
default gateway (your PC's default gateway): 192.168.x.x "you can find when you type at the command prompt, ipconfig/all."

c. now in flashFxp or whatever FTP program you are using, type in

site name: whatever name you want
port: 21 (always)
IP address: (the xbox IP address)
user name: xbox
password: xbox

you don't need to change anything else and now save it and connect.

flashFXP: www.flashfxp.com
Tutorial: http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/213943
for vista: http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?showtopic=584910
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Well, I guess it is better late than never
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