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Old 25-05-2010, 11:14
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CheatHappens (or fan) still hacks forum (Was WARNING: Public information compromised)

This is a warning to all users of FileForums. The private information in the user database has been compromised. You will soon find it posted on a few websites where they enjoy harvesting this information for nefarious purposes.

I currently have access to the private MOD board and am archiving the threads for future public release. As Joe stated, ALL information should be shared with the public. We'll see if they still believe in that theory once it's THEIR private information that is out there.
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Old 25-05-2010, 11:53
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Again, CheatHappens (or a fan of theirs) is collecting information that was not (implicitly) meant for them and not given (explicitly) to them either. When we're talking about publishing all information, we're not talking about taking illegal actions - such as software hacking - to acquire those pieces of information, only forwarding information (explicitly) given to us to the public.

Also, if you managed to access the private moderator forum, please, quote, at least, a few sentences from there. Thank you.

To the readers: We assume that old, inactive accounts, with easy-to-guess passwords (identical or similar to user name?) are being used to post these messages. If your password is hard to guess, you(r account) should be safe. For this reason, we believe that the statement of having hacked into the private moderator forum is only a bold bluff - just like most of CheatHappens' (and fans') statements so far. Unfortunately, vBulletin still doesn't offer any update to close the security hole, that's being exploited, in the forum software, so these messages will continue for a while...
Joe Forster/STA
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