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Old 21-01-2002, 17:31
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xbox backup possibilty...

There seems to be some sort of firmware on the xbox console game cd's, preventing them from being burned. You can copy the contents of the games onto a pc hardrive, and then you can put it onto another dvdcd... but the xbox doesnt seem to like the backup game. I've also heard that a person sucessfully copied an image of the xbox hardrive(samsung with firmware) using norton ghost. Any help with the firmware or anything else would be appreciated...
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Old 22-01-2002, 04:45
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1. All game consoles have a hardware check to differentiate between originals and backups. Most game console cds/dvds have an unreproducable area on the disc which is used to verfiy original discs. This is why PSX and PSX2 MUST be chipped (neo, messiah etc) to enable you to run from backups. XBOX has no such chip at the present time. Maybe in the near future.

2. DVD based games use a different format to DVD-RAM discs used by consoles. To my knowledge there is no DVD burner available for a PC to produce these kind of discs.

So, in answer to your question. Someone is having you on.
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Old 24-01-2002, 13:21
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Will there be chip for Xbox, it will really be neat>>
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