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This is how to run Xploder PAL Game Cheat Utility from psxcopyword on NTSC

Xploder program is similar to the Gameshark CDX system.
Xploder needs an empty memory card to save settings and codes on. It will format the
memory card and call it the X-key. It will look for the X-Key every time you run Xploder.
X-key can be in slot 1 or 2.Follow these steps to make an X-Key and stop the screen from
rolling: Insert a blank memory card, load Xploder and press 'Square', wait a few seconds
and press 'circle'. After a few seconds you should see Xploder logo rolling. press 'down'
4 times, press 'x' and wait for screen to change. press 'UP' 2 times and press 'X' wait,
press 'up' 3 times and press 'X' If you did it right the screen should stop rolling and
video mode will now be NTSC. Select go back, new settings should now be saved in X-key
memory card, next time you load it the screen will not roll. None of the pre-loaded cheats
on Xploder work on American games, program you own cheats.
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