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Old 30-12-2000, 08:15
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Moto Cross Madness 2 crack problem Beware & help if you can

Problem Please help

After downloading from GameFix & following the CD copy instructions & installing the no cd crack the game still worked fine (however the crack did not work) but after installing the mcm2.reg file that that was unzipped with the crack you could not load the game at all.

I have uninstalled mcm2 and tried to reinstall off the original and a copy and all that happens after you run ' Setup" is a little ' Setup Ok' popup box appears and then nothing, you can then close the pop up box and your back to the normal desk top.

I have run ' reg clean ' as i thought this might fix the problem (a wild guess) but to no avail.

I have also reinstalled w98 ( another wild guess) but again nothing changed.

This problem also happened to someone posting in a newsgroup except his pop up box was just a funny box it did not say 'Set up OK'

Please provide help as now I can not even play the original.

I have got no idea what to do from here, I'm even out of wild guesses.

In desperation
Stuart Steel
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