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Old 26-06-2003, 03:59
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how to backup xbox games to dvd

question. can xbox games be copied ?
very simple answer. yes

question. how can i copy my xbox games to dvd ?
the answer to this one is a little more complicated so please bear with me.

before you even contimplate the notion of backing up (copying) any of you'r xbox games you will need the following
1. xbox ( dont laugh)

2. mod chip installed in to you'r xbox

3. any good ftp programme i personally use flashfxp but you can use any thing you want.

4. evolutionx aka evox (dont even consider asking where to download it as it was made using the stolen xdk henceforth it is illegal)

5. a small programme called iso craxtion this will be explained later ( you will need a newer version that includes the xbe patcher)

6.a network card for you'r pc any should do. i use a Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Ethernet NIC cost 10.00 from pc world

7.a crossover cable this is a must you can not use any other cable. to find if it is a crossover cable simpley place both ends of the cable together and compare the wire pattern at the end. a crossover cable wires will be differnt at each end. if you are still unsure ask instore.

8. a dvd writer. the xbow will happily read cd-rw dvd-/+ r/rw however early models would not read cd-r so for now lets just assume your's doesn't either. the reason i said dvd burner is as so.most games are way over 3 gb some even go up or over 5 or 6 gb so a dvd burner is a must.

now i know a lot of you will jump straite on my back and scream about not using dvd to backup just upgrade the HD and dump the games there. well i hate that idea i actually like having my games on dvd but this guide is here soly to answer how to backup games to dvd not HD ok.

now you need to create a network between the xbox and the pc.
i'm just gona explain this simpley.

you need to connect the xbox ethernet/broadband port to the crossover cable and the otherend of the cable to the pc network card. you need to setup evox on the xbox and the ftp programme on you'r pc. i'm not gona tell you how to do this as there are plent quides explaining this. (try evox for dummies stickie)

once you have the network running and you can successfully connect to the xbox this is what you do.

turn the xbox on and wait about 20 seconds then insert the game you wish to copy and press the eject button ( the big one on the front of the xbox). so the drive tray goes in !.
launch you'r ftp programme and connect to the xbox. when connected go to the D drive this is the dvd drive where you'r game is. create a temp folder on you'r pc and transfere the contents of the D drive to this folder.

The first thing you do once you have the game on you'r pc is patch it.
this is very easy just start iso craxtion then click on TOOLS from the top menu bar of the programme. then click on xbe patcher all you do then is find the game folder and select the default.xbe file ( every game has one) and press patch.
all new games need to be patched but some older oned don't so do dont worry if craxtion says this game does not need patching.

now all you do is burn the game using the DATA BURN METHOD this has been explained several dozen times so i'm not gona to explain it again. try ( data burn method with screen shots stickie)

now i don't think i have missed any thing but if i have post it.

by dude

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Old 26-06-2003, 06:20
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Beautifull now someone who has the power sticky that baby!!!!!!
Now running:
Wndows XP
Athlon 1800 processor
1 Gig of RAM
XBox v1.1
Xecutor2 Lite
120G Hd
60G Hd
LG dvd burner
And a many thanks to all those here at fileforums
View my set up at
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