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Old 27-05-2002, 23:05
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no solder mod v5/6 question on loading dvd-r's

This probably has been answered, but I want to ask my questions very clear so whoever can help knows what to answer with.

Ok, I have a v5/6 no solder mod and it works fine with PS1 backups and original imports and PS2 CD-ROM backups on CD-R (both 650 MB and 700MB CD-R's work fine). However, I am having difficulty loading a DVD-R backup. I think I am using a Gameshark2 v2 (inlcludes multi-region DVD playback and memory manager built in; how should I be able to tell since it isn't on the disk and it is the upgrade disk w/out retail packaging).

I found the method for using the Dave Mirra BMX solution to stop the DVD-ROM original from spinning so the swap could take place, however, when I get the screen saying to turn off codes, I can't get out of it. The background still scrolls, so it isn't as if it is frozen completely, but no matter what button I press, it stays at that screen until I reset the system. I already tried to perform the swap without that method, but when the drive ejected, the disc was still spinning and I was so freaked out that I missed the time limit for inserting the backup. Needless to say, trying that again with my DOA2 Hardcore disc is not going to happen.

So, I need to know what I can do to use my no solder mod to play DVD-R backups without having to perform the swap while the disc is spinning. I fear it may damage my drive and the disc I use to load the DVD TOC. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

In addition to asking questions, I want to contribute my observations which may help others.

Installing my no solder mod into my system was really easy. I had read the instructions prior to ordering and had already looked around in my system, so I knew what I needed to do. The procedure took me less than 10 minutes.

From reading around and from my own observations, I concluded that what the no solder mod does is it ejects the drive without telling the system that the drive has been ejected, storing the boot information needed to run a program on the disc that doesn't include the proper boot info for the system. If you haven't made the connection yet, this is exactly what a tray eject switch does, except the no solder mod uses timed button presses to perfrom this trick while the eject switch uses a physical switch to provide power to the drive motor to tell it to go out and in. Therefore, if you have experience with an eject switch, it all (or mostly) transfers over to using the no solder mod (along with the discs made for use with it).

If you're wondering exactly how I know this, I'll tell you: I was using an older model PS2 (v3 or 4 I think) that I had constructed a switch for (3-way switch with center off connected to a AA battery for slow but smooth tray eject). This was easy to do because the system used wires and connectors instead of flat ribbons for the power supply to the motor like the v5 and 6 use). Well, the system died on me, so I took out the switch and took the system back and got a new one (thank goodness for large retail chains). I got the new one home, opened it up, and realized all the wires and connectors were replaced with ribbon cables, and I refused to mess with those. So, my switch setup is with the rest of my parts waiting for new life while I tried to figure out what to to. The no solder mod came about and when I could get around to doing it, I ordered myself one and installed it the day I got it (3 days ago).

As for usage, the mod is easy to use. Get it to the point to have to switch at, press the eject button until the tray (quickly) ejects, quickly swap, wait for the tray to go back in, and press X. Following directions couldn't be easier. As for what it plays, you should not have a problem as long as you know what to use. With using the mod for PS1 games, it plays all my games, 650 MB CD-R or 700 MB CD-R, backup or original import. In my experience with both the PS 1 and 2 systems, if you could play a PS1 backup, you could play a PS1 original import, and vice versa. Just make sure those backups are made right. As with my PS2 backups (all domestic US; I have no imports to test unfortunately), my CD-ROM backups on CD-R (patched with the 2SP patcher, FYI) all play perfectly (and they all happen to be on 700 MB CD-R's). As for my DVD-R backup, well, read my question

That's it for now. I highly reccomend this if:
- you aren't in a hurry to play a game every time you play
- you have (to a degree) disassembled and reassembled your system without incidents
- you can follow directions (with pictures)
- you can identify which version system you have or can get a no solder mod designed for both v5 and v6 systems (the kind I have)
- you can restrain yourself from blaming me or anyone on these boards for any goof ups you make while installing this

Do not get this if:
- you have to play immediately when you go to play
- you can't completely dissasemble and reassemble a Panasonic FZ-10 3DO (or a Dreamcast VMU)
- you have ADD which prevents you from keeping on task when following written/typed instructions (part joke, part seriousness)
- identifying what version system you have means you think "It's not the gray one, it's the black one that can sit vertically!"
- you have an impulse to blame others for stuff you do (a dumb woman with a cup of McDonald's coffee comes to mind).

Thanks for reading!
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Old 28-05-2002, 15:42
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I found the answer to my question:

I was trying to find a way to stop my DVD original from spinning so I could perform my swap to play a DVD-R backup. Well, I looked around and found that if the method using Dave Mirra codes on the GS2 v2 doesn't work, then trying the method except with using Armored Core 2 or Dark Cloud codes might work. Well, I tried Amrored Core 2 first, and it worked! The swap occured without spinning (just wait 10 seconds after the "too many codes" message comes up) and the backup loaded just fine! So, to all of you that tried to help (all ZERO of you), thanks a bunch!
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Old 28-05-2002, 15:48
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I have never tried the dave merra trick, the method below always works for me using GS2 v2x.Load GS2, Once it completely loads press eject and swap with a original dvd game.(i use DMC demo). Wait about 30 sec and select gameshark codes, choose any game and turn on or off any code. Then press start, select with codes and press x to load game, you will see a black screen that says updating codes please wait. Immediately do the r-mod swap by pressing and holding eject until the tray ejects, swap the original dvd game with the dvd-r backup, the tray will close after 5 sec and the backup will load.
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