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Old 23-02-2001, 13:01
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Help with NFS High Stakes.. need patch?

My cd writer isn't compatible with clone cd's "Don't repair sub channels" option, so I used Easy CD Creator to backup NFS High Stakes (wrote at 2x slowest speed), and it won't stop loading.

I've never been able to get cdrwin to work with my writer. What else can I do?
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Old 23-02-2001, 13:48
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No patch is required if it is the us version.
I use cdrwin for all my games and don't have a problem. What is the problem when you try and backup with cdrwin?
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Old 23-02-2001, 17:43
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ok now cdrwin seems to work, but my copy still doesn't work. I never see anything except a black screen, with the Easy CD Creator copy I made I at least see the "Loading" in the lower right hand corner.

I set Error Correction to 'ignore' and the rest to auto, and made sure Raw was checked. I read at max speed and wrote at 1x. What else could I be doing wrong? This is the first game I've had a problem with.
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