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The DC Forum Rules. Read or Get Banned!

FileForums is a forum to find help on backing up your own legally bought DC Games. You must own the game you are backing up.

1: No talking about warez - do not ask where to download warez, Talk about hacker groups or ask how to get it to work. Instant ban applicable.
2: We don't care if cd is broken/dog ate it/alien abducted it/grandma chewed it - if you have lost or damaged your original cd in anyway then contact the publishers regarding a replacement.
3: Before you create a new thread in this forum, try using the Search button. Chances are that your question has been answered before.
4: All posts in this forum must be made in English. Otherwise they will be deleted.
5: No flaming or insulting other board members. The majority of people here are trying to help, if that help is not sufficient then do not attack because of it. Trolls are not welcome - expect a ban.
6: No bumping your own thread unnecessarily
7: Off topic threads: These should be posted in the new General Gaming forum or the Off Topic forum. If we see off topic posts here, they will be moved to that forum. Keep in mind the same rules apply there.

If you see any of these rules being broken, don't hesistate to use the 'Report to Moderator' link beside the post to alert the mods.

Threads breaking these rules will be closed/deleted. According to the judgement of the moderator in question, temporary bans may be applied. These will always expire after a certain time, set by the moderator. The length of a temporary ban will be almost always in proportion to the offense, two week bans seem to be the most frequent these days. Serious and repeat offenders will be permanently banned. You will not be unbanned if you're permanently banned. Anyone we catch trying to sneak past a ban by making another account will have his new account banned for the same time as the original one, so don't bother to try.
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