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Old 09-12-2001, 00:43
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[Help! - Removing the Securom protection...]

Hi guys! =)
I'm new here...
But I would like to ask your help! =}

This is my problem...
I have a game protected by "Securom *new*" - the protection was detected using "ClonyXL" and I manually checked the existence of the "sintf16.dll", "sintf32.dll" and "sintfnt.dll" files on my C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\ directory...

I can run the game with no problems using "Daemon Tools 2.88" (with the bin+cue file) or the "Generic SecuROM crack v6.0" (with the burned CD) or by using "Insektors 1.1"...
But I need to be able do modify the game's main executable to "crack it"(*) and I can only do that by unpacking/unwrapping it first! - I've been collecting some info about this and I already have some basic knowledge about the Securom working scheme!

(*) - Let's just say I need to run the game without the CD, only for "convenience reasons"!

I'm still just a "newbie" in this cracking stuff, although I can already "remove" some simple CD checks!
But these "commercial protections" are way too beyond my actual cracking skills... =/
So I'm asking for your help!

I found a tutorial on how to *manually* unpack it at: ####://linux20368.dn.net/IDArchive/ID-RIP/database/tornado/notes092000/p09_4.html
(this link might be helpful for some people trying to hack the Securom protection too!)
But that's a bit to much for me... (like I said before, I started only some time ago!) O_o
And I was trying to find something that could do that hard/boring unpacking/unwarping part for me.. =)

I already know about "UnSecurom 1.0", but that doesn't work, because it's only compatible with the first version of "Securom"...

And then I found "ProcDump32 1.6.2" - you can get it at: ####://www.programmerstools.org/unpackers.htm - which comes included with a plug-in called "Securom Brahma client unwrapper v1.01", and it claims to be able to dump/unpack "Securom > r2" protected executables (although it's rather old - from March 1999)...

But I follow all the instructions in the readme.txt file and I still can't do it! =(
I start "ProcDump32", load the "Bhrama Server", load the game, load the "securom unwrapper plug-in" (loader.exe), select the protected executable, click OK on the alert box, and then it appears a message "Process 0xFFF????? will be dumped." (of course there are other stuff instead of the question marks!) on the "Bhrama server" window, but then nothing appens! =(
The only button avaliable is still "Abort"...
And if I try the "Unpack" command I get an error message like "This process can't be dumped !!" ...
Or if I try the "Dump" (Full/Parcial) feature, I get "Process is not 32 bit or can't be loaded or is already finished !" ...
(Did anyone of you guys already used this tool before?)

And that's it...
So, do you guys know how I can pull this off?
How I can unwrap/unpack the executable file?
Is there any other tool that can help me?
Or ProcDump32 works fine but I'm doing something wrong?
Do you know where can I find more info on doing this "easily"?

I hope someone can give me a hand...
And I would be really thankfull if you guys could help me out with this!... =}

P.S.: Sorry for any kind of mistakes on my message... It's because english is not my natural language... =P
See ya soon! =)
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Old 19-12-2001, 19:16
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