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The Ultimate XBox Newbie Guide

Okay, I found this guide on Kazaa. It had no name as to who wrote it. I'm not taking any credit what so ever, all I did was copy and past changed some links.

If any one can take credit for this I would be more than happy to put your name on here or to take it down at your request.

I will be going though this hole thing and making some changes when I have more time and maybe adding some stuff. If you want to add any thing, PM me.

Choosing an XBox Modchip


Choosing an XBox modchip to mod your XBox console is one of the most important decisions you will make during your XBox hacking experience. The XBox modchip is the brain of the XBox hacking operation. Without it, your XBox console won’t be able to do anything special. There are quite a few different XBox modchip options, and they each have important distinctions. However, what it all comes down to is that by installing an XBox modchip, you are tricking your XBox into allowing you to run “un-signed code” – A.K.A.: code that Microsoft has not authorized.
XBox modchips allow you to run unsigned code by overriding the default Microsoft BIOS that comes with your XBox when you purchased it. Just so we’re clear, a BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is the program that starts up your XBox and communicates between the devices in the XBox such as the hard drive and graphics card. The BIOS is extremely important to your XBox system. An xbox mod chip replaces the default Microsoft BIOS with its own hacked BIOS. The hacked BIOS will allow you to run unauthorized programs.


The XBox modchip industry has evolved very quickly. The first “commercial” mod chips were released around May, 2002. These were the Enigmah and the Xtender. The good thing about these chips was that they allowed XBox hackers to play import games, XBox backups, run unsigned code, turn off Macrovision (movie copy protection) and do a host of other things. The bad news was that these original XBox modchips had 29 wires, were fairly tedious to install, and were not flash upgradeable.
The next major advancement came around August 2002 when the original X-ecuter XBoxmodchip was released. Although the X-ecuter mod chip offered no flash upgrade option, it reduced the number of wires required for installation to just one wire, plus 10 simple solder points. This modchip was significantly easier to install than previousXBox modchips. People with no soldering experience could successfully install an X-ecuter modchip. In addition to the features of the earlier modchips, the X-ecuter also allowed XBox modders to upgrade the standard XBox HDD to 120+ gigs. This was a major advancement as it allowed modders to backup large volumes of their games and other XBox programs to the actual XBox HDD.

All of these first generation xbox mod chips were shipped with their own hacked BIOS to override the default Microsoft BIOS when the modchips were installed.

Around the same time the original X-ecuter modchip was released, Microsoft threw a wrench in the XBox modchip world by releasing a new version of the XBox. This new XBox was named the 1.1 version. Unfortunately, none of the original XBox modchips (including the recently released X-ecuter) were able to modify the 1.1 version XBox successfully. However, within two weeks the 1.1 version of the XBox had been cracked, and the code was available.

By September 2002 a new XBox modchip hit the market. This new modchip was called the “Matrix”. The Matrix was designed by a company called Xodus. The Matrix modchip set a new standard because it was fully flash upgradeable AND it required no soldering during installation. Because it was flash upgradeable, this meant that the latest hacked XBox BIOS could be programmed onto the Matrix modchip. This allowed for modification of a 1.1 version XBox. It also meant that XBox enthusiasts interested in modding their XBox who were previously scared to do any soldering would have the option of installing a modchip that simply screwed into place. Although this sounds like the ultimate XBox modchip, there were (and still are) some complications with the Matrix modchip. For starters it only shipped with a maximum 256K flash size. This has become a problem since the latest XBox modchips (discussed below) have started to incorporate BIOS’s larger than 256k. Another problem was that the Matrix modchip did not come with a pre-flashed xbox BIOS installed. This meant that if you bought a Matrix modchip, you had to find and install a BIOS yourself. Also, because the Matrix modchip did not require soldering, there were frequent reports of the chip becoming dislodged. However, the biggest problem was that the Matrix manufacturer had a horrible distribution model. The Matrix modchip was sold exclusively through a company called Easybuy2000. I read a lot of reviews from unhappy Easybuy2000 customers who bought a Matrix modchip and didn’t receive it for weeks or even months, if ever. Also, from what I understand, all of the Matrix modchip resellers had to purchase their inventory through Easybuy2000. This made the supply of Matrix modchips problematic. For this reason, I would not recommend purchasing a Matrix mod chip from Easybuy2000.

Fortunately, the X-ecuter team released its newest modchips in January, 2003. These chips are called “X-ecuter 2” modchips and are available in two flavors. The first is an X-ecuter 2 LITE. The second is the X-ecuter 2 PRO. Both LITE and PRO mod chips are flash upgradeable and both modchips can be installed without soldering by using an optional pogo pin adapter. Both chips are also capable of modifying all XBox versions.

The biggest difference between the LITE and the PRO is that the LITE includes a pre-installed BIOS when you purchase it and the PRO does not. Additionally, the PRO version supports more features associated with BIOS flashing. However, the BEST feature of the X-ecuter modchips is that the manufacturer Another major advantage is that both versions of the X-ecuter 2 ship with 1MB of memory versus only 256k on the Matrix modchip. This is an important consideration because as the XBox hacking scene develops, BIOS sizes will increase. The X-ecuter mod chips offer an additional layer of “future-proofing”. Also, the distribution model for the X-ecuter is much better. Essentially, individual X-ecuter resellers purchase their X-ecuter modchips directly from the manufacturer. This means that there are a lot of places where you can purchase an X-ecuter 2 modchip. The supply and support of X-ecuter modchips is superior to the Matrix modchip.

XBox Modchip Options

There are many older XBox modchips: Xtender, EnigmahX, OpenXbox (PC-BioXX), and several others. You probably don’t want one of these older chips. The older modchips are more difficult to install, and don’t have the advanced features or support of the newer modchips.

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The X-ecuter v1.0 XBox modchip and the X-ecuter 2 LITE modchips both ship with a BIOS pre-installed on the modchips. This means that when you receive either of these chips, you won’t have to worry about flashing either of these modchips with a BIOS such as the X-ecuter BIOS or EvolutionX BIOS (not to be confused with the EvolutionX dashboard discussed here). You can just install these modchips, and your XBox will be modded.

The X-ecuter v1.0 mod chip is older and will only modify an XBox 1.0 version XBox. The X-ecuter 2 LITE will modify all XBox versions to date. The X-ecuter 2 LITE is also flash upgradeable, where the X-ecuter v1.0 is not. Also, both the X-ecuter v1.0 and the X-ecuter 2 LITE can be connected to the xbox by simple soldering. However, if you don’t want to solder there is an optional pogo pin adapter for the X-ecuter 2 LITE.

Without BIOS

The two types of XBox modchip available without BIOS are the Matrix and the X-ecuter 2 PRO. These mod chips require a BIOS be to flashed to the chip before the modchips will function. To most XBox modders, these chips are actually preferable because there is increased support for upgrades. There are currently two major XBox BIOS developers: X-ecuter and Evolution-X. A BIOS from one of these developers must be flashed to your Matrix or X-ecuter 2 PRO modchip before your mod chip will function properly.

The Matrix modchip is flash upgradeable. However, it only supports a maximum of 256k. There is a strong possibility that within coming months, the XBox BIOS will actually be larger than 256k, and thus a Matrix modchip will be useless. To compensate for this, the Matrix manufacturer (Xodus) has created an add-on called the “Chameleon”. This is a 1-meg adapter to the Matrix modchip. The Chameleon can be used as an add on to the Matrix or as a stand-o-lone modchip. The Matrix modchip is easy to install since it uses pogo pins. However, it is much more difficult to install on an xbox Ver1.1 than a Ver1.0 due to the LPC ports not having solder in them. Also, some modders actually prefer to solder their chips into place, and the Matrix modchip does not support this option with an easy way of doing it. Perhaps the biggest problem with the Matrix is its only authorized distributor, Easybuy2000. This company has received quite a bit of bad publicity in the XBox scene for being unable to supply the promised Matrix chips to customers. Additionally, Easybuy2000 was recently busted by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) for selling DirecTV hacking equipment. This has caused quite a few problems for the Xodus Team, and the future is uncertain. Some modchip experts speculate that Easybuy2000 actually funded the Matrix modchip project, and when Easybuy2000 goes down, so goes the product. This rumor is unconfirmed.

The X-ecuter 2 PRO is the latest and greatest XBox mod chip to hit the scene (Released Feb. 2003). It is fully flash upgradeable and supports 1 meg memory (as opposed to only 256k on the Matrix). The X-ecuter 2 PRO has a wire adapter than can be soldered onto the XBox or installed with an optional pogo pin adapter that requires no soldering just as the X-ecutor 2 LITE. This is a cool option because those who prefer to solder can do so, and modders who prefer not to solder are not required to. Another cool feature of the X-ecuter 2 PRO is that it comes with an external on/off switch. This is perfect for using XBox Live. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the X-ecuter 2 PRO is that its developer Team X-ecuter also codes its own proprietary software. This means that you can mod your XBox console with an X-ecutor chip and a BIOS developed by the same company, whereas with the Matrix, you would have to use a BIOS developed by a 3rd party (such as Evolution-X). Also, the X-ecuter distribution model is much better, since all resellers purchase their chips directly from the manufacturer.

Conclusion / Recommendations

Both the Matrix and X-ecutor 2 modchips have the capability to successfully modify your XBox. However, I recommend the X-ecuter 2 PRO. The X-ecuter 2 PRO is the chip with the most support, and it is the chip that is most likely to withstand future modchip deterrence features by Microsoft since team X-ecuter not only engineered the modchip, but it also writes the software that the mo chip uses. This mod chip offers two installation options (solder/no solder) and an external on/off switch for built in xbox live compatibility. The X-ecuter 2 PRO is also easier to purchase on the internet since there are more resellers.

Networking Xbox to PC


In order to connect to your XBox you must create a simple network connection between your computer and your XBox. There are three easy ways to do this. You can use a hub/switch, a router, or a crossover cable. This tutorial will show you how to configure the hardware. Remember though, You will not actually be able to login to your xbox until you have installed and configured the EvolutionX dashboard.

Xbox Network Connection using Hub

This is the most common network configuration and is also the easiest to setup.
Step #1: Take an RJ-45 cable and run it from one of the ports of the hub, directly to the Network Interface Card (NIC) installed in your computer.
Step #2: Take another RJ-45 cable and run it from a different port of your hub directly to your XBox.
**NOTE** A switch may be used in place of a hub with the same basic setup.**

That's it! No other network changes should be needed for this configuration. Your XBox is now on the same network as your PC.

Xbox Network Connection using Router

This is another common network configuration.
Step #1: Take an RJ-45 cable and run it from one of the ports of the router, directly to the Network Interface Card (NIC) installed in your computer.
Step #2: Take another RJ-45 cable and run it from a different port of your router directly to your XBox.

That's it! Your Xbox is now on the same network as your PC

Xbox Network Connection using Crossover Cable

This is the last network configuration. For this setup you need at least one NIC card.
Take an RJ-45 cable and run it from an installed NIC card on your PC, directly to the XBox. Thats it, easy as that. but you must make sure its a crossover cable. You can pick on up at your local computer store for about $15.

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EvolutionX can be a very confusing XBox program to a novice. The reason for this confusion is because EvolutionX is actually two separate programs. It is both an alternative dashboard for your XBox, as well as a hacked bios. The problem is that the term “EvolutionX” is often used interchangeably with the term “EvoX”. EvoX and EvolutionX are the same, but you won’t need to worry about installing the BIOS part of EvolutionX unless you purchase a modchip that does not come pre-installed with a bios (such as the Matrix or X-ecuter 2 Pro modchip).
You will however need to install the EvolutionX dashboard, regardless of which modchip you purchase if you plan to make your own back ups. The dashboard is what appears when you turn on your XBox console without a disc in the DVD-Rom disc tray. The dashboard will let you adjust system settings, including audio, video, language and memory management. The EvolutionX dashboard is an integral component to XBox modding because in order to connect to the XBox from your PC you must replace the default Xbox dashboard with the EvolutionX dashboard.

Finding EvolutionX

”Where do I find Evolution X?”
This is a popular question. Unfortunately, finding EvolutionX can be challenging. The reason is because it uses hacked Microsoft development code, which some contend is illegal to reproduce. The latest version is: evolutionx_beta_v1.8.3285.

The best places to look for EvolutionX are IRC, Newsgroups and Google.

When you do find EvolutionX, it will be in one of two forms. It will either be in ISO form, or it will just be all the individual EevolutionX files standalone. If the files are standalone then you will have to convert them into ISO format. If the files are already in ISO format, then proceed to “Burning EvolutionX Dashboard”

If you have never heard of an ISO file, don’t worry. ISO’s are basically exact images of CD’s. This kind of storage is created to make sure there will be no buffer-under runs while writing CD’s using your PC. When you copy a CD, the contents of the CD will first be stored on your harddrive. (the ISO or "image" file) When the reading process is done, the CD will be burned on a CD-R/RW, reading it from the image file on your harddrive. But this way of storage is also the perfect way to trade CD's using the internet: Simply create an image file of your data, compress it in different volumes and let others download it. Often, when you download an ISO file you actually receive two files: a .bin and .cue file. The original extension for an ISO file used to be .ISO, but as the files became more popular, the standard has evolved to include two files: .bin and .cue files. The .bin file contains all the useful data on the CD., and the .cue file contains the table of contents. If the version of EvolutionX that you download contains both .bin and .cue files OR an .ISO file then you’re set. Don't worry about "dummy files" as some forums say you need. That is a line of crap and I would like to have a take with the guy who first suggested that. Just proceed to “Burning EvolutionX Dashboard”, otherwise you will have to take the individual evolutionX files and convert them to an ISO file.

The individual EvolutionX files include “default.xbe”, “evox.ini” AND two optional subdirectories: BIOS & Skins. You do not need the BIOS files if your XBox mod chip already has a BIOS pre-installed (such as X-ecuter v1.0 and X-ecuter 2 LITE). The Skins are just graphical enhancements to the look of EvoX. Although you may not need either of these subdirectories. If you burn these subdirectory files to the CD-RW though, it won’t hurt. They are optional.

The reason that you have to convert the EvolutionX files to an ISO format is because your XBox uses a special “xISO” format to read the DVD’s. That’s why XBox DVD’s can’t be read on a standard computer. You use a program called xISO to create that ISO, then burn the ISO to a CD-RW. It’s in a format called “UDF” so that your XBox can read the disc. Since the data is encoded in the UDF format, you won’t be able to view the files on your PC once they are burned to CD-RW. We’ll explain that later.

If you really do not want to make an ISO file, just out of lazyness or some thing else you can use the Date Burn method. This method is vasy easy and dose not have all the bugs as ISO have. Also you can use this method to back up your games, but more on that later.

So, if you need to convert your EvolutionX files to ISO format then you will need this program: XISO by Yursoft. It is one of the easiest to use. You can download it here.

Open XISO :

Go to "Tools>Make a xISO"

Select the directory on your PC Harddrive where the files are. All files in that directory and subdirectories will be added in the iso file. Include default.xbe & evox.ini (there's no need to include the "bios" & "skins" directories , but it won't hurt if you do).

Make sure there's a "default.xbe" in the root of the directory.

Then click on "Open"

Select where you want to save the xISO file. Make sure there is enough space left on your device.

Give a name for the iso file in the "File name:" form. Then click on "Save".

Once the iso file has been created , xISO will confirm.

Burning EvolutionX dashboard

Your iso file is ready, and now it’s time to burn it to a CD-RW (or DVD). Do not burn the ISO file that you created to a CD-R because most XBoxs can't read CD-R media. CD-RW and DVD are best.

To burn the ISO file you will need a program called Nero. There are other programs that are popular for burning ISO files including Primo, Veritas Recordnow Max, Discjuggler, etc. However, Nero is one of the most popular, so for this tutorial instructions for Nero will be illustrated.

Nero can be used to burn CD-RWs , but newer versions of Nero will also allow you to burn DVD-R/RWs.

Start Nero.
Select "Recorder" > "Choose Recorder"

Select the burner you want to use ... and click "OK".

Now go to "File" > "Burn Image"

Browse your HD and select the .iso file , then press "Open".

Select "Write" and "Finalize CD".

Don't put "Write Speed" too high ... max 2x for CDs and 1x for DVDs.

Nero will start burning .... leave your PC alone till the CD/DVD is fully burned.

Loading EvolutionX dashboard

Now, take the CD-RW (or DVD) disc that you just burned using NERO and insert it into the XBox. Don’t worry if your PC can’t actually read any of the files on the disc. Remember, the files are encoded in a format for the XBox.

Turn on the XBox and allow it to boot up. It should read the disc. If it does not read the disc, it may be because the XBox does not like the media. XBoxs are very picky and they don’t all like the same discs. One brand of CD-RW that works in XBox #1, may not work with XBox #2. If it doesn’t boot, try to burn the ISO again with at least one or two different brands of media.

If your XBox can't read it (make sure you have a modchip installed , duh) try :
-put disc in drive , shutdown xbox and restart.
-put disc in drive and reset you XBox

The XBox should boot up and load the EvolutionX dashboard. You will see several options after loaded. Just scroll down and select "System Utils", then select "Settings" and then scroll down to "IP". This will show you the IP of your XBox on your network. You will need this IP address in order to connect to your XBox with your PC.

Next we will connect to your XBox using an FTP program. The most popular FTP program for XBox modders is FlashFXP. You can download it here.

Start FlashFXP. When you load FlashFXP, the screen is divided into two parts. On the left side you should get the content of your PC HDD (hard disk drive). To switch between ftp/hdd use the top button on the right side.

On the right side , click the first top button and choose "quick connect".

Connect to your XBox
Now you will just need to fill in the IP that you got from the EvolutionX dashboard. The username is always "xbox" , the password is standard "xbox" (unless you got crazy and changed it in your evox.ini file). You may not need to enter a username and password at all, in which case just leave the port set to 21 and check off "Anonymous". Hit "Apply", then "Connect" and you should be in!

Backup your XBox harddrive
This is a VERY important part. You want to be sure that you have a backup of your original XBox in case anything gets screwed up. Don’t worry, usually everything is cool, but just in case. On the leftside (PC harddrive) go somewhere with at least 300MB of free space. Then select "C" & "E" on the right side. Next, right-click and select "transfer". This may take a little while depending on the speed of your local network.

Enter the C directory on the Xbox harddrive (right side).

The last file should be xboxdash.xbe.

IMPORTANT:: if you have a special "hacked" bios that boots evoxdash.xbe or yboxdash.xbe instead of xboxdash.xbe you will need to make a small change to this guide. But, if you have an X-ecuter mod chip with a standard BIOS, then just follow the rest of these instructions.

Select the xboxdash.xbe file , right-click and select "Transfer As".

Fill in "msxboxdash.xbe" and click "ok"

Now go to the directory on your PC harddrive where EvoX is. You will now have a :
* evox.ini file : make sure to open the file with notepad and configure all the settings (most important your network settings).
* default.xbe : rename this file to xboxdash.xbe

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When finished, transfer these 2 files to your C drive on the XBox HDD.
Evox.ini will just copy and for xboxdash.xbe it will ask if you want to overwrite the file , say "yes".
You don't have to transfer the "skin" & "bios" directory. "skin" is used if you want to install new skins for EvoX , if you don't copy the skin directory you will just get the default skin.
The "bios" directory is only needed if you will flash the BIOS on your modchip if you have a flashable chip.
note: It doesn't harm thought if u move both the skins & bios directory to the C drive of your xbox.

Now go back where you transfered msxboxdash.xbe on your PC HDD. And retransfer the file (with it's new filename) to the C of your XBox HDD. (this will allow you to go the original microsoft dashboard from the evolutionx dashboard).
This is how your C drive on your XBox should look like. Your drive will probably not have the "backup" directory unless you already installed EvoX before.

xboxdash.xbe is the default.xbe from the EvoX release
msxboxdash.xbe is the old xboxdash.xbe from your C XBox HDD.
evox.ini is coming from the EvoX release

Remove the CD , turn off your XBox and restart.
It should now boot up to the EvolutionX dashboard.
If it doesn't work your XBoxisn't doomed , you can still access the the XBox HDD with the CD. (and if needed restore with the backup of C & E you made).

Burning Xbox Games

Once you can FTP into the XBox, you will see 6 folders.
The C: is the main folder.
The D: is your XBox's DVD Drive (thus where the game we are trying to backup is located)
Now you want to download all the files from the D: to your computer's HDD.

After it finishes, you need to create an XBox iso file.

Use xISO for this.

Once you create ISO, burn it to a blank DVD+/- RW with witch ever burning software you use. I would suggest using a DVD+/-RW first to see if the back up work, than burning it to a DVD+/-R

You can also use Data Burn Method to burn you back ups. This is alot faster than using the ISO method and has a better rate of a good burn.

Then try to play it in your modded XBox, hopefully it will work.

The hardest part of this whole thing is finding the programs to do this and also finding BIOS's for your modchip and finding the EvolutionX dashboard. I would search Google or other various XBox forums.

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Upgrading Xbox Hard Drive

Upgrading XBox HDD

FOR EVOLUTIONX v1.8.2594 or higher

1. What you need :

* EvolutionX 1.8.2594 or v1.8.2812 dashboard or higher.
* A modchip with the HDD-swap hack. (All recent EvoX and X-ecuter BIOS's support this feature, but if you have an oldmod chip (Xtender, Enigmah-X you won't be able to upgrade your HDD)
* A new HDD (normal PC IDE drive upto 120gb). NO need to zero the drive anymore. Just use a new blank drive.
* EvoX installed on your current XBox HDD.
* Know how EvoX works (ftp , transfering files , configuring ini file , ...).

2. Backup your settings

Boot your XBox.
Under "Systems Utils" , select "Backup".
This should have made a backup of some important settings of your XBox.
If everything worked fine it made a directory /backup in the C drive of your XBox HDD.

3. Backup your drives

Connect with FTP to your XBox and copy the whole "C" and "E" drive to your PC HDD. ("C" is pretty small , the size of "E" depends on what u uploaded there already).
Make 100% sure you have a FULL backup of the Xbox C & E drive on your PC.
Also check that in C you have a directory /backup with 5 files in it. If you don't have this it means something went wrong in step 2.

4. Make a EvoX Install HDD disk

These are the files you need on your Evox Install HD CD :

* The EvoX XBE file , should in the disk root and called "default.xbe"
* The "evox.ini" should be changed , open it in notepad.
Make sure the network settings are set correctly for your home network.
Under "[Misc]"
put "UseFDrive" to "Yes"
Delete everything what's under "[Menu]" it and replace by this :

Section "Install Menu"
Item "Install New drive",@210
Item "Settings",@9
Item "Reboot",@5


Info "Install HDD - Xbox-Scene"
Warning "This will format all drives"
Warning "Make sure you have a backup of C & E"
Progress "Formatting drives"

ConfigSector "\backup\disk.bin"
Format c:
Format e:
Format f:
Format x:
Format y:
Format z:



Here is an example of an evox.ini file. You might need to change the network settings for your configuration. (use the same network settings as on your EvoX dashboard installed on your original Xbox HD).

Note : some people might wonder why I don't use the copy feature of evox to restore the C & E drive automaticly. It will work , but there's a small bug in this version of evox 'cause all files copied with the copy function will be 'read only' ... that means you can't delete/rename/overwirte the files.
So atm , we can't use this method.

* You should also add the complete /backup directory from the C drive on your Xbox.

* So , the complete CD should contain :

default.xbe (the evox dash)
evox.ini (the evox ini file)
/backup/bios.bin (from /c/backup on Xbox HD)
/backup/disk.bin (from /c/backup on Xbox HD)
/backup/eeprom.bin (from /c/backup on Xbox HD)
/backup/hddinfo.txt (from /c/backup on Xbox HD)
/backup/hddkey.bin (from /c/backup on Xbox HD)

First make a xISO of the disk content (tutorial) , then burn it with Nero or your burning software on media compatible with your xbox (cd-rw/dvd-rw/dvd-r).

5. Replace HD

Open your xbox (tutorial) and replace the HDD. Make sure your new HDD is set to "master" and don't forget to plug-in both the electricity-cable & IDE-cable.

I strongly suggest to keep your old HDD untouched... you might need it later if something goes wrong.

6. Try booting the CD & FTP

Boot your XBox (it will give a red light after some secs) and put the Evox Install HD disk in the drive.
Power off your xbox and restart it (with disk in the drive).
EvoX should boot.
Now make sure that your network settings (in the evox.ini file) are correct ... try to FTP to your XBox. (if it doesn't work, correct evox.ini and reburn a new evox Install HDD disk)
If EvoX doesn't even boot , it means :

*You used media your XBox can't read.
* Your EvoX dashboard isn't called default.xbe
* You made an error in the evox.ini
* You didn't make an ISO before burning.
* You didn't burn the ISO correctly
* Your modchip doesn't have the HDD-swap feature
* The disk has no /backup directory with 5files

7. Format the drives

If everything above is OK , just select "Install New drive" and then confirm ("Yes").
The software will now format the drives.
When finished , it will return the EvoX dashboard.

8. Transfer C & E

Now connect with FTP to your xbox. You should see all drivenames.
Transfer the whole C & E backup u made on your PC to the C & E on your new XBox HDD.
Remove the disk from your XBox , and reboot.
The XBox should now reboot from your new HDD.
If not , you probably did something wrong while restoring the drives.
Just boot the Evox Install HD disk and you can FTP to your XBox again and check what might have gone wrong.
If needed you can always reinstall your old XBox HDD.

9. Change evox.ini on C
Under "[Misc]"
put "UseFDrive" to "Yes"
else you can't use the F drive correctly.

Your new XBox HDD is installed.

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XBox Live & Modchips

Ok, so you got your XBox modded and want to play the top games on XBox Live. But, you heard that you can't play a modded XBox on Live. What should you do? Well, here is your answer.

How to play onXBox Live with a non-flashable modded Xbox

The most important thing to know is that your MS dash must be named xboxdash.xbe. When you first run XBox Live, it will update that file with the new MS dash with the Live tab. So, you may ask "What about EvolutionX?" Well, sorry guys, but you will have to run EvoX off a CD.

So now that you know that your MS dash has to be xboxdash.xbe, you will have to install a switch on your modchip. The switch will disable it, or enable the modchip.

The most important thing when playing on Live with a modded XBox is that you must always have the modchip off when playing on Live. Turn your modchip off, and then power on XBox if you power it on than turn your modchip off, your XBox is still running on the hacked BIOS. It is always best to have the modchip off, even when you are installing Live for the first time.

Now, if you want to play backups, turn your modchip on and power on XBox. You can boot your EvoX CD and load your backups off the HDD, or you can boot your backup CDs. However, you must make sure you DO NOT access any Live-oriented tabs within the game. DO NOT select "Download Content", "Play Live", etc. tabs in a game. When doing so, your XBox will connect to Live, and MS will detect a modified BIOS, and you will then soon be banned.

How to play on Xbox Live with a flashable modded Xbox

So, you have the best field of modchips out there, so you have better options. The first thing you want to do is flash your modchip with a BIOS that boots a file another than xboxdash.xbe. For example, flash with a BIOS that will load evoxdash.xbe first. You can store your EvolutionX dash on your HD, and have it be evoxdash.xbe. But, be sure you keep your MS dash as xboxdash.xbe. That file will be updated when you first install Live and having the MS dash as xboxdash.xbe will make it a good update.

If you have a newer modchip, with an external on/off switch. Just make sure when you boot up your XBox, the switch is set to off.

For those of you with the Matrix, you will set your Matrix in mode 3. How mode 3 works is, your flashed BIOS will load when the XBox is powered on. This means the modchip is on, and you can check that by looking inside the XBox at the modchip and it will have a green LED. But, for those who want a nice, put together XBox, I recommend getting a BIOS that is a colormod. So, when your XBox boots, your XBox logo will be blue for example meaning the modchip is on.

So, you are now at your EvoX dash or MS dash with the modchip on. You will then run a game (an original or a backup) or even a homebrewed program, and when the game is running, press the big eject button. Your XBox will reboot and the original BIOS will load. The normal green XBox logo will show and this means the modchip is off. Also, the modchip will now show the red LED.

If your feeling good about your self and are willing to do a little soldering you can install an external on/off switch to your Matrix. Get your self some 26ga wire, enough to go from you chip to where you want your switch. Remember you will need to make two runs with the wire, one from the chip to the switch, than from the switch back to the chip, so if you want your switch 6 inchs from your chip you will need 12 inches of wire. To do is cut the trace between the D0 pogo pin and the chip it self. Remove about 1/8 in of the trace. Solder one end of the wire to the top part of the D0 pogo pin on the Matrix and the other end to the cut trace leading to the chip. From there run the wire to where you want your switch. Cut the wire where the wire meets the switch and strip both ends. If you have not allready install your switch do so now. When your switch is installed unscrew the two screws in the switch and connect one of the the wire to each screw and tighting each screw.

As I said above, you must make sure you DO NOT access any Live-oriented tabs within the game when the modchip is on. DO NOT select "Download Content", "Play Live", etc. tabs in a game. When doing so, your Xbox will connect to Live, and MS will detect a modified BIOS, and you will then soon be banned.

How to play on Live with an upgraded HDD

Playing on Live is easy with an upgraded HDD. It must always be locked. The original MS BIOS, when the modchip is off, demands a locked HDD or else your XBox won't boot. You may ask if a locked HDD is ok to do with the modchip on. Yes, it's okay.

Relating to the xboxdash.xbe file, this must be in the root of C:\

As a quick note, if you are in a situation where you must run the EvoX CD, you can keep all your EvolutionX files (skins folder, evox.ini, etc) in their usual places on the HDD, as you just will need default.xbe (EvoX dash) on the CD.

How to get unbanned from Xbox Live

So, you made a mistake. Your "little brother" selected a Live tab with the modchip on and now you are banned. Well, you can get unbanned. XBox Live just bans your XBox's HDD key. Not your gamer account.

To get unbanned, you MUST obtain an unbanned EEPROM. These are not posted at the usual places, you must get it from a friend who has a modded XBox and doesn't plan to go on XBox Live. To update your XBox's EEPROM with a unbanned EEPROM, download Configmagic and use that program. The program is easy to use and it is all menu driven.

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