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Old 07-10-2002, 15:53
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N00b Question Alert! Re: Xbox Mods & Xbox Live

Im not, like most noobs, going to start with the usual "how do i burn/copy games? where do i download games? how do i make friends?" Im intelligent enough to work out and find the answers to these myself (except for the friends thing.. I get so lonely on those cold winter nights )

Ok so if im right (please correct me if im wrong!), to get my lovely precious, expensive xbox to run "backed up" games, I have to, make hardware changes and also flash the bios, permanently changing the system for ever.

Now with the immediate release of Xbox Live in the UK, (Xbox Live Test Drive starts 30th November, offical launch 14th March), im wondering how these "modifications" will affect the systems online ability. Now im sure Mr J Allard put a lot of time, effort and money into making the Xbox hack proof and congratulations to him, looking at the mod instructions it looks as if he did a good job. It should keep most 14 year olds away and turning the xbox the way of the Dreamcast, but if theres a way of making something hackproof, theres always a way of reverse engineering it (even bigger congrats to those who worked it out, its 10x more than i could ever do!). Unfortunatly im also pretty sure that they have more tricks up their corprate sleeves.

Now, what i want to know is with Xbox live obviously being a HUGE part of the Xboxes appeal and a major part of its future, im expecting that theres going to be some sort of pretty nifty of mod detection software. Im also expecting that this is going to cripple my future online gaming domination plans

I just want to know if theres any known facts about how the mod will affect online gaming. Id rather pay the mafia than have my legs cut off if ya get my drift!

Sorry if this has been posted before/repetedly but hey, we were all N00bs once right?
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Old 09-10-2002, 14:18
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Xbox live will have mod chip detection. I dunno if this means that you cannot run it on a modded box.

Anyways, most newer modchips have a on/off switch, which you can use incase xbox live won't run on modded boxes. Also, you don't need to flash the xbox bios, you should stay away from that. X-ecutor is a pretty good chip, and it's also easy to put a switch on it.

BUT you should get an xodus if you want to flash your own (or d/l) bios. This chip is upgradable (obviously) and I would recomend this chip if you know how to flash it.
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Old 15-10-2002, 07:16
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xbox live

From all reports xobx live can detect if your not using the original dashboard, and tghen lovingly proceeds to crash the box's hardrive. i dont pretend to know much about this, esp as in Oz we dont have Live, but read some other forums, theres a whole lot of info out there on this.
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Old 15-10-2002, 21:40
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go to xbox-scene.com and go to their forums under the Xbox Live section. look at the thread that is pinned. that will tell you everything you need.
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