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Old 09-05-2019, 14:41
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Windows Phone Installer (bug free)

This is the bug free version of Windows Phone Installer script by Razor12911 with added functionality such as:
  • System Configuration page and About Game page.
  • Component Support (with two seperate section for Language Pack and for Option Component.)
  • Easy to disable installer Pages i.e. Autorun page, About Game page, System Configuration page and Component Page.
  • Enable or disable Music.
  • All options related to installer are available in the main script itself.

Changes done:
  • Added New Design for Autorun. (based on WPI UA Mod by PrinceGupta).
  • Added lockscreen removal from left click. (based on PsYcHo_RaGE's BCI v7.2)
  • Added pages for about game, system configuration, component support.
  • Fixed button refresh bug.
  • Added round edge button support. (based on PsYcHo_RaGE's BCI v7.2)
  • Added Fonts in installer.
  • Added Music on/off button.
  • Added WinTB support for Task-bar Progress, Thumbnail Preview and Taskbar Buttons.
  • Added hyperlink in About Game page.
  • Added WPI style Message Box.
  • Added WPI style Browse Directory and Browse Group windows.
  • Added WPI style Bevel.
  • Added WPI style title lables.
  • Added windows 10 style browse directory and group directory button.
  • Added support to disable component checkbox if associated files are not available.
  • Added support to select atleast one language pack and selecting one language pack at a time.
  • Added options to create Start Menu Icons and deselecting Start Menu Icon option disables the browse button.
  • Added support for auto calculating required disk space based on selection of component.
  • Added Partition Space, Free Space Availabel (and %) and Space Aequired lables.
  • Added support to disable next button if free space is less then space required.
  • Added support for auto calculating progress percentage for each input file based on selection of component.
  • Added CurrentFile, Percentage, Time Elapsed & Time Remaining Label.
  • Added support for deletion of destination directory if installation is cancelled.
  • Added support for pZLib v3, ZTool, XTool, oodle, Lolz etc.
  • Added support for path selection if files are not in source directory.
  • Added Uninstall delete section.
  • Various Bugs Removed.
  • Faster loading of Installer.

  • Windows Phone Installer by Razor12911
  • Bass Audio Library (BASS.dll) by un4seen developments
  • Botva2 Library (Botva2.dll) by South.Tver
  • CallbackCtrl Plugin (CallbackCtrl.dll) by RESTOOLS
  • System Information Plugin (ISSysInfo.dll) by peterf1999
  • Library for archive unpacking, PB and other stuff (ISDone.dll) by ProFrager
  • Library for FreeArc unpacking (UnArc.dll) by Bulat Ziganshin
Please forgive me if i forgot to mention anyone. There is no intention of infringing anyone's copyright.

New version of Knight Compressor is out. Please check the thread: Click here.

@Cesar82 Thanks for adding DiskSpan GUI v2 support. Please check the Post for WPI with DiskSpan GUI: Click here.

Attached Images
File Type: jpg Capture1.JPG (85.9 KB, 2713 views)
File Type: jpg Capture2.JPG (126.6 KB, 2681 views)
File Type: jpg Capture3.JPG (94.7 KB, 2692 views)
File Type: jpg Capture4.JPG (100.1 KB, 2638 views)
File Type: jpg Capture5.JPG (96.2 KB, 2638 views)
File Type: jpg Capture6.JPG (98.1 KB, 2619 views)
File Type: jpg Capture7.JPG (94.1 KB, 2616 views)
File Type: jpg Capture8.JPG (84.5 KB, 2622 views)
File Type: jpg Capture9.JPG (92.6 KB, 2664 views)
File Type: jpg Capture10.JPG (101.9 KB, 2628 views)
Attached Files
File Type: rar Windows Phone Installer.rar (17.58 MB, 2471 views)
File Type: rar Knight Compressor v1.0.rar (8.79 MB, 1866 views)
File Type: rar WindowsPhone-update1.rar (34.5 KB, 591 views)
File Type: rar Windows Phone Installer - Final (New Version of Knight Compressor).rar (16.93 MB, 493 views)

Last edited by bunti_o4u; 24-02-2022 at 10:01. Reason: Resolved bug related to shortcut icons
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