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Easy way to play backups on US PS2 WITHOUT MODCHIP

alright, I found this floating around on a ftp, it seems to be the real deal (the ps2 backup release group Static even mentioned it in one of their recent nfos) however you need Unreal Tournament in order for it to work and I don't have this game. So if someone who does have this game could could try out this method then I will know whether it's worth it to go out and buy UT because this seems like a really easy way to play PS2 backups without a modchip. Check it out:


How to boot your PS2 Backups using Unreal Tournament as Boot CD:

Consider that you have to use a "PS2 Patching Utility" in order to create a correct PS2 Backup. On the link below you will find a good "Patching Utility".
Click on "UT PATCHER" there.
Only use this UT PATCHER to patch your backups if you use Unreal Tournament as the Boot CD.


1.) Insert UT in the CD Tray and turn off the console. (also check that you do not have a Memory Card in the Slot)

2.) Turn on the console and KEEP PRESSING THE POWER BUTTON (if you release it too early the CD Tray will open and you have to restart the procedure).

3.) Let the game load (and keep pressing the power button) until the "WARNING" message appears which says that UT could not find a Memory Card in the slot.

4.) Release the Power Button and the CD Tray will open. You have now 4 seconds to replace UT with your backup. After 4 seconds the CD Tray will close.

5.) Press X to Acknoledge and the main Menu will appear. Now start a new Game. Then choose a character and after that select the skill (e.g. Novice). At the "Enter Name" Menu select X to accept and select "Yes" to confirm. After that choose Deathmatch and then Oblivion. The Screen will turn black now and your backup will boot. This was the same fast procedure as you would start a normal UT game.


Hopefully someone can try this out soon, if this works it would be awesome.

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