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Old 22-02-2010, 10:37
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oops! was that the last word? darn it i was going to let you have it too
ohh wait, is this the last word?
maybe not

back to the topic, brewers trainer was a +7 not 8 so i think this guy hasnt got a brewers trainer after all and maybe thats why the lack of no info sheet

caliper, to shout some kudos your way ok, i have said it before and i will say it in here too
that ME2 hack timer was proper tough for me, i have this mental thing about timers or something but anyway, you knocked it on the head too and i have some respect for that and i will tell anyone who hasnt fallen asleep the same case, the botclock in bio2 was a twat but nothing like the twat me2 timer was so kudos goes there also, you have my respect regards that ..there i said it in public too , see i am not such a bad guy

actually would that be taken as brown nosing? hmmm i got the message btw

i had actually decided not to aggrevate you or chris in forums again, and when i decided not to i actually meant it, but, you know i really cant help myself, it's the way you go about things, that sun that gleams out your arse is blinding you most of the time

ohh i have new headphones!! yay! i say £5.25p in Argos 2.7 meters cordage and a volume control, got my free T-Shirt coming in a few days with CHEATHOG on it
they say things always come in threes huh

i think the real message is this caliper, if you genuinely want to help brewers with stuff there is a function called email or pm its more private and probably calmer in there rather than posting disputeable text in a public

you can have the last word tonight, my treat
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Old 22-02-2010, 10:58
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The last word is mine: thread closed. Sorry to clayp; open another thread in a few days (but not earlier) and. until then, collect and write down your experience with all the trainers you could get so that you'll get (more) specific help.
Joe Forster/STA
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