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Old 10-04-2017, 21:23
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Yet another compression tutorial

Hi guys, I know i just posted a thread about audio compression for ultraarc game conversions, but that tutorial only covered using msc for mp3/wav/raw files.
i forgot that there is another set of file formats ultraarc can compress. i will cover them below.

tutorial #1 - resampling .bik and .smk movie files

1.copy your installed game folder that contains bik and/or .smk movie files to a temp folder on your hard drive.

2.copy the .bik and/or .smk files to a temp folder near the folder of the game you want to shrink by resampling the bik files. resampling smk isnt really recommended because if you lower the rez too low, it will look awful. so stick to bik files.

3.download rad video tools from the attachment below.

4.install rad video tools and run the program.

5.in the program, navigate to the folder with your bik files in it and before you start to edit them, click on them and then click 'file info' to get an idea of how much you want to lower the data rate.

6.click on the first file and press ctrl+a to highlight all of them then click 'bink it!'

7. you will be asked if you want to add the files to a batch list. click yes.

8.you can leave most of the settings alone, the important ones to change are 'compress to data rate (bytes) and 'compress audio'. click on the files in the list and click 'file info' to check the data rate to determine how much you want to lower/resample the video files. when you're happy with the settings click batch then 'start'. let ir run and if you did it right, your bik files folder will be 20-40 percent smaller.

tutorial #2 - handling ogg files.

some games, like pillars of eternity, the witcher, amnesia the dark descent, etc, use a mixture of mp3 and ogg files for their audio. you can further reduce the size of your conversion output by resampling these. i covered using msc in the previous thread so i wont talk about that in this one.
the process to resample ogg files using ultraarc's oggencode command line utility oggencod within ultraarc - the process is automated - is as follows.

1.get your game folder copied to wherever you want to store the temp files.

2.make sure your game uses ogg files and/or mp3 files for use with msc.

3.open ultraarc. in the compression menu, tick the 'msc' compression algorithm checkbox along with your other compression methods, and if you are using the new ultraarc mods version, click on 'ogg encode' option in sources.

4.set your output folder and file type to whatever you want, and adjust the threshold setting as needed.

5.click start, and let it compress. it will take longer to compress the game especially if there are a lot of ogg/mp3 files. when compressing is done, check your output folder and you will be amazed how much it reduces the size. for example, amnesia the dark descent fully installed is 4 gb, but after using oggencode, msc, srep, exe, exe2 and lzma algorithms, the installed game went from 4.3 gb to 1 gb!!!!!! :O

try it with pillars of eternity and post a reply with your results. thanks, have a great one! Ja ne!

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Old 10-04-2017, 23:01
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If you own the legit game, why would you want to resample/downsample in game FMVs? It makes no sense.
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