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Old 17-12-2003, 23:08
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question on compression quality...

Right now i am currently using the clone dvd/anydvd setup to backup my movies. Most of the movies are dvd9 so of course with the compression the movie looses some of its quality. From all of the backups i have made none of them were coasters but I was curious what other programs might compress the video with better quality than clone dvd. I have used dvd shrink also, where you can fully compress the extras and menus so you leave more room for the movie itself but i really didnt notice a big enough difference to change from the clone dvd/anydvd setup. The compression quality was pretty much equal. So what other programs out there can compress the video better than these two? I hear people saying that x copy platinum is the best right now but i also here mixed reviews with that program...is the compression that much better using x copy? So if anyone has had better quality videos using some other program please let me know, but if not I will just stick with clonedvd cause damn its easy! Btw I am backing up the full dvd including all extra's not just the movie. I take out all the languages besides english to free up space also. i know that i can burn the dvd to two dvd-r's and keep the full quality but i dont really want to be using two dvd-r's per every backup ya know?
Thanks to anyone that can help

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Old 18-12-2003, 13:07
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I also use DVD2One.

Difficult to see any loss of picture quality and I've got a 32" widescreen.

This program will actually strip out the movie only, full disk or even a join facility.

It's simple to use but a lot of people use it because of the end results.

Nero also have a program called Recode 2 which I'm about to try. Looks similar to other programs but is supposed to have good compression techniques.
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