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Starforce Petition!

There seems to be some strong (maybe even heated) discussions happening through these forums regarding the Starforce protection.
Which brings me to start this thread. I would hope that only a simple comment is needed here: "Yes, I am boycotting Starforce games". That is really all that needs to be said! There is no point in congesting this thread with arguments, its not what I would like to see happen here! There is no need to say anything else! If people are serious then leave a short message here.
I would also hope that if this thread gains enough support then it could maybe become a future 'Sticky'? After a few weeks or months we will know if this is worth persueing.
Its not that I am supporting Warez or Piracy, I just dont agree with Software being installed onto my system without my approval!

Come on all, place your support post here. If you dont agree with what I am saying then simply do not post here! A post here is a post counted.

Thankyou for your post/vote.

Ok, a big thankyou to Morglum from cdsteam who has been kind enough to let me use his original Starforce Protected Games List. It was originally a Spanish only list! Feel free to let me know of any other Starforce games which are not on the list? I will edit the list to keep it up to date.

NOTE: List was updated on 21-6-05 from the list supplied by 'thebluegr'. Nice work 'thebluegr'. An Updated list can be found HERE.
'thebluegr' has also supplied some interesting reading which can be found here in Post #125 of this thread.

Starforce Protected Games

- 1944 Battle of the Bulge
- 7 Sins []
- Ace Saga
- Afrika Korps VS Desert Rats [v3.3.31.21]
- American Conquest (Russian)
- Anstoss 4
- Area 51
- Army Men (Russian)
- Asterix & Obelix XXL
- Beyond Divinity
- Blitzkrieg Rolling Thunder [v3.4.50.1]
- Breed
- Chaos League
- Club Football 2005
- Codename: Panzers Phase One (3 CDs) [v3.3.37.2]
- Codename: Panzers Phase Two
- Codename: Outbreak [12-10-2001]
- Colin McRae Rally 2005 (DVD) [v3.4.49.1]
- Cossacks: Back to War (Russian)
- Cossacks: European Wars (Russian)
- Cossacks II Napoleonic Wars (2 CDs) [v3.4.65.11]
- Counter Terrorist SF Fire for Effect (DVD) [v3.4.71.19]
- Creature Conflict The Clan Wars
- Cross Racing Championship
- Cycling Manager 3
- Cycling Manager 4 [v3.3.36.1]
- D Day (2 CDs) [v3.4.41.1]
- Dead to Rights (3 CDs) [v3.3.37.26]
- Demonic Speedway (Poland)
- Domination
- Etherlords
- Etherlords 2 (2 CDs) [v3.3.31.21]
- Fair Strike (2 CDs) [v3.3.33.3]
- Fire Department
- Fire Department 2
- Gadget and the Gadgetinis
- Gangland [v3.3.36.1]
- Garfield
- Gooka – The Mystery of Janatris
- GTR FIA GT Racing game (2 CDs) [v3.4.70.2]
- HOMM 4 (Russian)
- Horse Race Manager
- Icewind Dale 2: Heart of Winter
- IL-2 Sturmovik (Russian)
- I-Ninja
- Kill Switch (2 CDs) [v3.3.33.8]
- Korea Forgotten Conflict [v3.3.27.36]
- LMA Manager 2005
- Magna Carte (Korean)
- Magnamedia (Russian)
- Maximus XV: Abraham Strong Space Mercenary
- Medieval Lords
- Might & Magic 9: Writ of Faith (Russian)
- Narsillion (Russian)
- Obscure (1 DVD) [v3.3.36.1]
- Pac Man World 2 [v3.3.30.11]
- Pax Romana [v3.3.30.11] (no information available)
- League Manager 2005[v3.4.50.1] (Spanish)
- Postal 2 Apocalypse Weekend
- Pro Rugby Manager 2
- Psi Ops The Mindgate Conspiracy
- Psychotoxic
- Rally Championship Xtreme
- Real Madrid Club Soccer (DVD) [v3.4.50.1] (Spanish)
- Rendezvous 3 (Russian)
- Restricted Area
- Scrapland (2 CDs) [v3.4.50.1]
- Second Sight
- Seventh Seal (Asian)
- Shade Wrath of Angels [v3.4.53.0]
- Shtyrlits 3: USSR Agent (Russian)
- Siege of Avalon (Russian)
- Silent Hunter III [v3.4.71.19]
- Silkolene Honda Motocross GP
- Singles [v3.3.33.6]
- Singles 2
- Sniper (Poland)
- Soldiers Heroes of WWII [v3.3.36.1]
- Splinter Cell Chaos Theory [v3.4.71.19]
- Still Life
- Street Racing Syndicate
- Sudeki
- SuperPower 2
- Tennis Masters Series: Battleground of Champions (Asian)
- The Black Mirror (2 CDs) [v3.3.27.36]
- The Fall Last days of Gaia (2 CDs) [v3.4.63.3]
- The Heroes of Three Kingdoms (Asian)
- The I Of The Dragon (Russian)
- The Kreed [v3.3.27.36]
- The Moment of Silence
- The Suffering (2 CDs) [v3.3.37.2]
- Toca Race Driver 2 (1 DVD) [v3.3.35.2]
- Trackmania
- Trackmania Sunrise
- UFO Aftermath ( 2 CDs) [v3.3.27.31]
- Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun [v3.3.30.5] (no information available)
- Virtual Skipper 3
- War and Peace
- Will of Steel
- WWII Frontline Command [v3.3.0.26]
- Xpand Rally [v3.3.x.x]
- Xuan-Yuan Sword 4 (Asian) (no information available)

- Juana De Arco [v3.3.36.1] ----> Joan D'Arc, protected by SecuROM New / CD-Checks
- The Entente [v3.3.37.26] ----> protected by CD-Checks
- The Black Mirror ----> updated StarForce version, correct is v3.3.35.1
- Updated Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun with the proper English title
- Updated some of the unknown games
- added some more games

Here you can read an article about Starforce. It is an interview with Abbie Sommer of StarForce.
She discusses many aspects of the Starforce Protection, what it is, what it does and why it is needed.
Here is just a small portion of that interview:

Question: There's an uproar among segments of the game community that StarForce is installed without user approval. Is this a potential legal concern for your company?

Answer: There is no legal concern because before a user loads a game, he or she has agreed to accept the conditions of the end-user licensing agreement, typically known as a EULA. These are also known as click and go, or click and accept agreements. When you accept, you are saying I will load this game or application at my own risk, and have read and understood the terms. Or there will be a disclaimer that protects the publisher from damages of any kind due to their products’ use. Our product is licensed to our customers, and becomes part of their product, so the user by accepting the terms, is giving approval.

Now here Abbie states "When you accept, you are saying I will load this game or application at my own risk, and have read and understood the terms."

Tell me please people, how many of you, after reading the EULA, actually understood, from those terms, that an intrusive protection was going to be installed onto your system? Do you think her statement only implies to 'The Game' itself? I believe the EULA should tell us about the protection being installed!
If in fact there was nothing to worry about why is this statement included?
"Or there will be a disclaimer that protects the publisher from damages of any kind due to their products’ use"
The word 'Products' should really only say 'Game'! After all that is all we have been made aware of installing, as thats all it says earlier!
To be fair to the gamer this is how I believe that part or the EULA should be written:
"I will load this game and the Protection application at my own risk, and have read and understood the terms."

I still believe it is only a matter of time before this issue finds its way into a court of Law! The wording of documents like the EULA must be written in a way so as not to decieve the consumer! We must be given the opportunity to be 'fully' aware as to what we are actually installing!

Can't find a Game Conversion? Check the 'Conversion INDEX'

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