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Old 25-10-2016, 02:33
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Originally Posted by edward99 View Post
why do they compress better
because they delete useless files that's why they compress better
Like crunch texture.......?????
And how it deletes the files means how it know which files is useless
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Old 25-10-2016, 04:12
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bro such as all languages but English
multiplayer if it has
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Old 10-07-2017, 10:40
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Originally Posted by Razor12911 View Post
Modified precomp? :v since when they know how to program?
Sorry my fault.
They uses 1.160 KB version of Precomp which contains cls patch but with brute.
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Old 09-08-2018, 06:00
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Originally Posted by aswadd View Post
Me too , I don't know what is the reason but i don't like them Maybe 1 year ago I download a 20 GB repack & what it was corrupted !! As for someone from EGYPT to download 20 GB is taking about 7 days X 15 hour Downloading
Yeah that's true CorePack messed up with GTA V badly too... i wasted 27 GB of data.. lol
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Old 09-08-2018, 06:51
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Btw, if you haven't noticed yet
Hello everyone

For the past year, we have been working so hard to do our best, tried to avoid as many mistakes as we can. But it seems past came back to haunt us. For the past few hours, we have been trying to figure out what exactly happened. [ShadowHacker] was one of our Website Administrators back in 2015. It's surprising that for the past 3 years, no one has noticed there is a virus in the redist folder until now. We are not denying it, the file is definitely a virus. We don't know if it was intentionally put in there or it was just a mistake. One of our Admins talked to him today but we couldn't get any clear answers to our questions.

As Administrators of CorePack, we take the full blame and responsibility. It's a huge mistake we have made. We completely trusted our staff, and somehow it made us forget that anyone can make a mistake whether they are trusted or not.

CorePack is not just a website where you can download repacks, it's a community. We care about each and every member of it. We have never done anything intentionally to harm our members. We truly apologize for the trouble this has caused. We understand that the damage this has done is not small and simply saying sorry isn't gonna fix anything.

We take full responsibilities for it. Our initial decision was to shut down CorePack but after discussing with staff and some of our dedicated members, We can't just let go of 4 years of ours and fan's dedication and hard work that easily just because of one person's mistake which he made 3 years ago . Again, we are really sorry for all the trouble we have caused. We are forever grateful to everyone who has supported us throughout all these years.

Thank you,

CorePack Team.
Haters gonna hate
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