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Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Platinum Edition (1xDVD5)

This game was first one I played on PC so it's still no.1 for me. First version (V1.0), as I recall, actually fit on one CD (700MB) and installation was smooth and fast (despite CD Check nagging window). Few years later managed to grab hold of Platinum Edition - contained main game, ET and Wolf3D. But it was on 2CD's. Why 2? Guess it was smarter to put 1.1GB on 2CD's instead on 4.7GB DVD. Anyway, the CD Check was there and another annoyance: "Please insert the Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Platinum Edition CD 2 into the CD-ROM drive and press the OK button." Later on you would have to switch back to CD 1 to complete installation, right? Well, not anymore.

I've made this, lets say conversion, with no Insert CD or CD Checks, using the Wise tool that made original install. Recreated Wise script and compiled it into EXE, so it's 99 if not 100% same as the original (unless you counting the small modifications I made to make it better looking, which I'll explain later on). With that said, let's get started:

1. Make New Folder, name it WOLF (it's optional what name you'll use) and copy everything from wolfplat_1 CD into that folder.

2. Make another New Folder, name it WOLF2 and copy everything from wolfplat_2 CD into that folder.

3. Open folder WOLF2\Setup\Data, copy everything, then paste it into WOLF\Setup\Data. WOLF folder should now be around 1.1GB. Delete WOLF2 folder now.

4. Delete KeyCheck.txt and KeyCheckDLL.dll inside WOLF folder, they are no longer needed.

5. Now to replace EXE file.

5.1. Option A (RTCW only): Download Rtcwplat rebuilded, open archive and move setupcw.exe into WOLF folder. Window will pop up to ask you if you would replace file. Click Yes.

Small difference between original and rebuilded version, besides those pop up checks, is a better arranged dialog text.

5.2. Option B (RTCW and ET): Download Rtcwetplat modified, open archive and move setupcw.exe into WOLF folder.
Window will pop up to ask you if you would replace file. Click Yes. Do the same with setupet.exe.
Next is to open folder WOLF\Setup\rsrc and delete art and sound folder. You will then move art and sound folder from archive into WOLF\Setup\rsrc.
Official Guide.pdf must be placed in WOLF\Docs\Help\Manual.
Rtcwplat.dbd, demo32.exe and Wolf.ico are optional and it's not necessary to replace your originals with them.
Rtcwplat.dbd and demo32.exe are Splash screen files and they will only add music to your Splash screen (it's the music you hear when you are in the main menu of the Single Player game). Wolf.ico just replaces original autorun icon, you can make your own if you like.

Unlike original and rebuilded version, this one has simple progress dialog with billboards (like V1.0 has) instead of whole screen progress dialog.

As for the ET, it just adds graphics on dialogs.

Note that non-English files (like the ones in Manual folder) aren't included in the installation of RTCW or ET (you might as well delete them). In Option A they are still present.

6. Test the installation before burning it to DVD. Just open WOLF folder and run setupcw.exe (or setupcw.exe and setupet.exe if you choose Option B). If installation ends successfully, try to run the game itself (just to make sure that all files are present). And then test uninstallation (via Control Panel, Start Menu or Uninstall folder inside game folder).

7. Time to burn it to DVD, to be correct - making the ISO image (wouldn't be wise to burn it directly, only 1.1GB on 4.37GB).
I use Nero for this. It allows me to enter only 16 characters in Disc name field (WOLFPLAT for example). Or you could open autorun.inf file inside WOLF folder and under the icon=... type or copy/paste label=Return to Castle Wolfenstein (you can type whatever name you want).

Little warning: Just like the original installation this one will check if you already have Platinum Edition installed on hard drive. If you do, it will stop with installation. The issue may occur if you manually delete the game and not in 3 ways described above (using UNWISE.EXE). If this happens, Splash screen will show Play option even if the game files are missing, so you'll need to go to WINDOWS directory and delete Rtcwplat.INI. Same goes for setupcw.exe and setupet.exe. You will have to open Registry Editor and look for [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Activision\Return to Castle Wolfenstein - Platinum Edition] and/or [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Activision\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory] and delete InstallPath string value.

I think that covers everything and more.
And I hope the links are shown properly.
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