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Old 22-03-2001, 15:17
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Problem with first burned game!!

Okay I'd first off like to thank everyone who helped me at least be able to make my first
Okay I made a bin file and cuesheet
using cdrwin and patched the image with a
ppf patch I d/ld off psxcopyworld I then burned
the the game onto a Fujifilm cd-r, I figured they
were good since they were not made in Taiwan
Then I loaded the game into my playstation using
my plugmod I did the swap trick correctly but when I tried to play the game the screen jumps,
kind of the effect you would get if your rfu-adapter wasn't connected to your tv correctly
it's also in black and white. The funny thing is
in the game enhancer code selection screen
I go down and I can watch any of the games movies and listen to the audio in perfect color
and sound but I when I go to play the game
the screen starts acting up again I've also tried
using memorex cd-r and sony I have a LG CD-RW CED-8083B cd-r drive and the game I'm trying to bakcup is my usa ntsc megaman x5

I know this is a lot to read and very lengthy
but I need help before I waste any more cd-r's
thanks before bot-ck.
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Old 22-03-2001, 16:03
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Well im not a user of any plugmod but i think that the game may have been patched with a pal patch and not an ntsc one.

someone correct me if im wrong but i believe the plugmod would scan your backup for movie and audio files only and let you play them therefore bypassing the region code at the start of the disc and playing in ntsc.

So if you patched the game with a pal patch, when the game is started it hits the region info and changes to pal giving the effect you stated

hope this helps.
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