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Old 22-03-2003, 21:28
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why does the xbox boot three times then flash red and green?

With all this extensive research,
I've come up with these reasons for why the xbox does the reboot 3 times and then flashes red and green, with no visual or audio on the screen:

1."If [the] xbox boots x3 then red flashing something must be wrong with one of the LPC points."
~xbox scene for x2 lite, so it has to do with the soldering points on the LPC/Header pin
To solve this simply check all the solder points, and try again

2."If [the] xbox boots x3 then red&green flashing something must be wrong with one of the LPC points or you didn't flash your X2P correctly (did it verify ok?) or you selected the wrong bank.
~xbox scene for x2 pro, but the idea is that their is a corrupt bios, regardless of whatever chip you use
To solve this just reflash the chip, whichever it is, and make sure the bios is working correctly

3."Prior to fixing the traces the box would attempt to boot three times and then go to the flashing red and green led"
~from http://www.llamma.com, saying that it means the xbox has broken traces with disconnected pads, due to a bad soldering job or something of the sort that would ruin a trace and connection between points
To solve this, you got to either send it to somebody, say the llamma, or you have to get a a 20+ gauge wire and solder a wire onto both points, connecting the two since the trace itself is destroyed

4."After the chip was grounded for sure, the xbox started up fine everytime"
~from pika, this basically means that the chips alignment shifted and it may not be grounded
To solve this is, make sure you solder the chip, check the points, includin the d0 and make sure it's grounded

5."Power on the xbox ... if your "d0" is correctly alligned your xbox should reboot 2x then FRAG* (Flash Red And Green). Yes! you read well ... your xbox shouldn't boot! Because "d0" is correctly alligned it will try to boot from the LPC , but because the modchip isn't connected yet to the headerpin booting will fail."
~xbox scene, it is for the pogo pin adaptors, but the idea is somewhat valid, it basically says that there is no readin of a modchip, which either means the bios is not flashed right, or there is no modchip connected (could be a bad connection)
To solve this either reflash the chip, check the connection between the modchip and the point, and definately make sure the wire is connected bewtween the point and the modchip

6.If you attempt to run an unlocked hard drive on the microsoft bios or another bios that does not allow the hard drive swap
To sovle this, either update the bios, or make sure your chip is actually working since majority of the bios' out now allow the hard drive swap

ill add more if i find em
hope this helps
so far ive moddded xboxes with:
2 Matrixes
3 Xbits

My xbox!:
-250 gig
-4981.06 x2
-orange led for light, matching beautifully with the orange x in the splash screen
-Component cable

my problem...solved?!:
-one of my friends says he can get about 450 files off it!... and now i havent seen him for about 4 months..and ive written him like 11 emails.. WHERE THE HELL IS HE?! :mad:
[B]OWNED! <3 TylerDurden![/B]

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