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Old 30-11-2001, 11:35
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PS2 With Neo4, some Teething Problems, anyone help ? UPDATE 2 !

MY Update:

I bought The Blaze Scart (from HMV) Today.

Tried it out.
When the switch is on Game I have No Picture and Just sound.
When The switch is on DVD I have Both picture and Sound.

Why is this ???

I tried the NTSC Back ups again
but they still are black and White.

I then tried 2 different NTSC Originals and They were in Colour,
Huh ??

Am I right in thinking that The NTSC back up's are Black and white
because they were probably copied incorrectly ?



Problem 1:
I tried out:
PSX1 (PAL) Originals = No problems !
PSX1 (PAL) Back up's = No Problems !
PSX1 (NTSC) Originals = No Problems !
PSX2 (PAL) Originals = No Problems !

And I finaly tried

5 different PSX2 Back up's = 2 of them no Problems !

But the other 3 came out in Black and white !

Does that mean those 3 are NTSC Back up's ?
ANSWER: YES - can be cured with a BLAZE Scart lead (HMV) or an NTSC-PAL convertor (Maplins)

Problem 2:

When I use a Normal Scart Cable I have Sound but no picture !
So I used the other Scart type (Euro I think) The one with 3 Coloured cable's.
Then It worked ! Sound and Picture were fine !
Why Is this ?
ANSWER: The three coloured cables have 2 sound channels. The "Normal" Scart cable is useless for import backups - it is not "fully loaded"

And If I buy the Blaze Cable will it correct my Black and white
problem ?
ANSWER: Yes - as above if it is the problem to which DAL and I usually respond.

But will I have a no Picture again and just sound ?
ANSWER: Picture and sound as the cable is fully loaded if the problem is the usual one to which we respond.

PS: Any place with a list of the DVD and the CD Games (Purple/Silver) ?
ANSWER: ####://www.sgt-dan.com when the site comes back up.
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Old 30-11-2001, 12:16
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I'll step out for now until DAL has had a chance to look at the problem. Perhaps you could elaborate on your copy method. It didn't occur to me to be a likely problem if the game works at all.

As I've said in so many posts, I avoid the problem by having a NTSC-PAL convertor but I would want you to shell out 50 if the problem is not the one that I solved or should have been solved with the Blaze product.
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