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Old 13-06-2004, 22:19
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Question How to add characters to a game? Text characters... get in, please.

Not sure if I use the right names, but, anyway...

If I want to translate DC games to my language, there is a way that I can add some more characters to it?
Shenmue for example, which has subtitles.

For example, in my language, we have this characters:
, , `, ~, ^ (to make this [, , , , , ])
And on...

How can I add then to the(don't know how it's the name, "table of characters?"), so the game can recognize this characters and display then.

Is this clear? Well...

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Old 14-06-2004, 11:02
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i understand what you are saying. you mean an ascii table in hex characters.??

i think if you want to translate it to your language, the game at least has to support those characters. next thing is to find the text in the bins or what ever. it really hard work.
YAY.!! i can post messages here with DP3 browsers on Dreamcast..!! :)
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