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Old 21-12-2003, 12:30
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DJ Burning Question (interesting?)

Alright, i'm no stranger to burning DC backups. I've been using DJ forever. In the past two years I upgraded to DJ 4.0. So thats great, backedup a couple games in the past year, with no problems.

Well, now I want to back up Soul Calibur again. So I back it up (havent changed any settings in DJ), and well, its simply not booting up. Getting the track menu. Its a self bootable (the other backup is gone somewhere, but it was self bootable). The CD, software, etc. is no different. Nothing has changed.

Anyway, if I notice anything, its that my new backups, that dont work, seem to have a "gap" on the actual burning film. I'm pretty sure this has relevance. I do know that the working backups, dont ever have this gap. Its a straight burn across the cd. However, with these non-working burns, there is a small "unburned" gap on the "film". One small burn for track 1 I assume, then a gap, then a long burn for track 2. ALL of them that DONT work have this gap. ALL that WORK don't have any "unburned" gap. I can't figure it out, some games this gap appears, other games it doesnt. The ones where it doesnt, I can play with no problem.

Anyway, any ideas to what this gap is about? The images and cd-r's, are all fine. Nothing wrong with them. Its like, if i see this gap, i know its not going to work. It only happens with certain games. (that ive burnt/played before with no problems (and no gap)). I've only noticed this "gap" more recently in the past year. Anyway, any info on all this would help.

Thanks for reading the long post.
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Old 11-01-2004, 02:19
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It sounds like, for whatever reason, your burning program is not finalizing that last session. When it completes the disc, it will fill in that gap last thing. It can say 100% complete, but if that last session isn't finalized, it won't work.
I don't know what to tell you about correcting that. If I undertood you correctly, you said you no longer have the other CD? If all you've got is a CDI image, and you've tried everything with DJ, (burning in mode2, cd-xa, finalize/close disc, etc.), and you still get the same problem, then maybe you should try using Alcohol 120%. It burns DJ images as well. If you still have the disc, try using Nero or another program to copy it.

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Old 11-01-2004, 13:56
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Last year a friend let his SC copy with me.
In those days i just had discovered the 3 steps selfbooting:

He had left with me almost 30 nonboot games, and i had made all then selfboot, except for SC.

So he must have some kind of protection, i don't know, but i had a lot of coasters.
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