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Old 25-11-2003, 04:01
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how do i rewrite or rearrange the ip.bin?

I'm trying to insert a logo into my ip.bin but I can't seem to get the image down to 8192 bytes.
How do I rewrite or rearrange the ip.bin described below in bold?

pngtomr and logoinsert

pngtomr: convert a png to the format used in the dreamcast ip.bin

logoinsert: insert a file from pngtomr into ip.bin at the right place

* You need to have libpng to build pngtomr.

* The logo you insert with these tools appears in the bottom right corner of
the screen while the SEGA license screen is showing.

* Your image should be 320x90 or smaller, and have no more than 128 colors.

* The "normal" ip.bin has room for 8192 bytes for the image - more space can
be had by rewriting / rearranging ip.bin.

* This code has not been well tested - it seems to be working though.

* Thanks to the Bleem guys for showing that a 3rd logo like this was possible
by having done it in Bleemcast.


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Old 02-12-2003, 16:11
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Try smaller resolution/less colors/smaller size, those are what I can think of.
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Old 02-12-2003, 16:25
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There are a lot of photosuites and image programs capable of downsizing images while keeping good quality pics. I used IXLA for my avatar and then editted it with jasc automation 3 for the blinking eyes effect. perhaps this might work for you as far as shrinking down the size of an image.
rewriting an ip.bin ? Is this necessary?
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Old 11-01-2004, 02:31
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I use Photoshop to make my ip.bin logos. An image can have no more than 128 colors, but sometimes I find it necessary to make it less than that. If you save in GIF format and choose to only have, say, 72 colors... (use as few as possible while keeping the quality you want), you can then resave that GIF as a PNG to get the file size you want. I have found that just because that logo-insert program says the image is small enough, doesn't mean it will work. You may get a reboot if it's a little to big. I try to keep mine around the 6KB mark, but you may go bigger without problems.

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Old 11-01-2004, 13:42
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Open Photoshop and make your logo.
Choose Save for web...
Select PNG-8 > 8 colors.

Don't use gradient or light efects on your logo, just solid collors.

After convert the png to mr, use this program to insert your logo.mr into the ip.bin.


Logo Inserter

Choose your ip.bin
Choose your logo.mr
Choose your ip.bin again
And insted of your logo.mr, choose the same ip.bin.
It will open a preview window with your logo placed on the Sega screen.

If you want to make a logo with a white background, use this collor on the Photoshop.


I know, it's gray, but you'll see when you open the preview screen in the Logo inserter.
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