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Old 16-03-2002, 19:50
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Smile Anyone from europe got a xbox

If so what games have you played and what do you think of the console so far?
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Old 17-03-2002, 13:58
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ED v. schleck
Hi I'm from Germany and a friend of mine got a Xbox.
I tell you: It rocks!!!
He has got
-Oddworld: Munchs Oddysee
-Dead or Alive 3
so far...
The Grafic is really neat. and I loved Abes Oddysee and Exodus and I tell you Munch is a great sequel in 3D... too bad its that expensive... but if you can afford it then BUY IT!!!
anything else you want to know?

PS: as soon as anybody hears something about Xbox Backups... Please write me a mesage... Thanks
Yours ED
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Old 17-03-2002, 15:01
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I'm in England and have:-

Halo - Looks very nice but first person shooters just arent the same without a mouse and keyboard.

Dead or Alive 3 - Bloody gorgeous,photo realistic graphics,good gameplay with bags of longevity.

Gotham Racing - Every bit as stunning as GT3 on the PS2.

NHL 2002 - As good as it is on my PC (P4 GeForce 3)

Amped - The most superb looking snowboarding game Ive ever played/seen.

All in all I'm well happy with the xbox...it also plays dvd's and rips audio cd's to its hardrive...for playback through its stereo jack outputs..so if your after an mp3 player for your lounge..why not get a free games system thrown in.

All it needs now is backups..and its the perfect machine!
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Old 17-03-2002, 16:36
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I'm in England, I got one yesterday. Bloody amazing thing.

Halo - gorgeous! It's the only FPS I've played on a console that I like playing with a pad...

DoA 3 - love it even more than 2. Hit/Collision detection is much better, the counters are a lot more fluid. Hitome is my new favorite player ^_^

Jet Set Radio Future - I loved the original and this blows that out of the water...

Wreckless - feels like a mix between Crazy Taxi, Carmageddon and GTA.... all goods games

Most of my friends are Sony or Nintendo zeolets... they played the Xbox for 5 minutes and started writing "For Sale" ads for their consoles
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