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Old 22-11-2005, 07:05
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Problems: EA Fußballmanager 2006

Hi guys,
i got a big problem with the FM06. I bought the game on my birthday in november, testet in on the original cd and it worked fine. But when i use the mini image of GCW, the game struggles, it takes very long for loading a match, or for the time between the days. It almost takes 4 minutes to get from one matchday to the next. I tried everything, reinstalled the game, tried other images, even updatet my graphics driver. The funny thing is, it is the same with Fifa 06!!! I can´t play a game, ´cause the menue button always moves by itself. Seems that the game discovered another gamepad, which is always pushing left ?! But my originals work. Are there other images for me to test?
Damn i dunno what else i should do, execpt using the origins...
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Old 22-11-2005, 09:27
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about the moving button... it doesnt neccesarily have to be a gamepad, in fact any external control device (bluetooth, joystick, gamepad, steering wheel, etc..) so try disconnecting all devices of the sort and then try again
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