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Old 01-11-2001, 12:50
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psx iso's error playin

i couldn't find out where i left 1 of my psx, it is around somewhere in the house, so i downloaded an the iso of the game instead.

It was a euro pal version well thats what its called so thats as i take it will be.

Anywayz i loaded it into nero and it complained about sector size is wrong, asked if i wanted correct it, after checkin some psx cd info i left it to what it was 3336 or 3325 couldn't quite remember.

Anywayz after it burned right, i tested it on bleem worked perfect on that then i tried it later on my psx it went pear shaped loads of lines kept comin up on the screen wtf?

the psx has been mod chipped, its the new ###ne model
What could be the problem?
does it need patchin or somethin, is there a program to check if the iso is patched already ?

lil help plz
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Old 02-11-2001, 10:22
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could you please e-mail and tell me where you downloaded the ISO from and I might be able to help

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