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Call of Duty - Deluxe Edition (1xDVD5)

This is conversion of my own COD-Deluxe Edition, which contains:
- Call of Duty - Game of the Year (few modifications on Splash and Wise EXE file)
- Call of Duty - United Offensive - Expansion Pack (original EXE is done with InstallShield, but I made mine with Wise so it looks similar to COD)
These are separate installations, which means you could install only COD and install UO later if you want to.
But I made final third conversion which will install both of them.
Note that only English files are included, other languages not.

Call of Duty conversion
1. Make New Folder, name it COD (name is optional, choice is yours) and copy everything from CoD1 CD into that folder.
2. Make another New Folder, name it COD2 and copy everything from CoD2 CD into that folder.
3. Open folder COD2\Setup\Data\main and move files (should be 4 pk3 files inside) to COD\Setup\Data\main.
4. Delete COD2 folder now.
Then open COD folder and delete 00000000.016, 00000000.256, 00000001.TMP, SECDRV.SYS.
Open COD\Setup\rsrc and delete coddll.dll and coddll.ini.
5. Download COD GOTY, open archive and move setup.exe into COD folder. Confirm file replacement.
Open COD\Setup\rsrc and delete art folder. Then move from archive art folder into COD\Setup\rsrc.
Other files in archive are optional.
CoD.Dbd and demo32.exe (inside COD\Setup\rsrc) are Splash files and the ones from archive will let you see only English files (like English manual). Same goes for Docs folder (it's inside COD folder). Installer will skip non-English files, so you can delete them or leave them there, won't affect the progress.
Autorun.inf (original is in COD folder) is there just to show that you can label game this way (can type more characters than burning tool like Nero) and there is Icon (original is in COD\Setup\rsrc) to refresh the look. You can make your own icon file if you want, just watch that icon name and path is the same as in autorun.inf.
6. Run setup.exe inside COD folder to see how installation goes. If it ends successfully, run the game to see if the files are present. And then test uninstallation (through Control Panel, Start Menu or Uninstall folder inside game folder).
7. Make an ISO image with your burning tool.

Little difference between original and converted.
Also my original never played music during installation, should be OK now.

United Offensive conversion
1. Make New Folder, name it UO (name is optional) and copy everything from CoDUO1 CD into that folder.
2. Make another New Folder, name it UO2 and copy everything from CoDUO2 CD into that folder.
3. Open folder UO2\Setup\Data\uo and move all files to UO\Setup\Data\uo.
4. Delete UO2 folder.
Open UO folder and delete 809 folder, 00000000.016, 00000000.256, 0x0809.ini, 00000001.TMP, Call of Duty - United Offensive.msi, instmsia.exe, instmsiw.exe, ISScript9.Msi, SECDRV.SYS, setup.exe and setup.ini.
Open UO\Extras and delete Patch folder.
Open UO\Setup\Data\uo and delete pakuo06_lowres.pk3.
Open UO\Setup\rsrc\art and delete coduo_dlg.bmp and coduo_splash.bmp.
Open UO\Setup\rsrc and delete coduo.dll, coduo.ini, Data.CAB.
5. Download Patch, open archive and move uomappack00.pk3 to UO\Setup\Data\uo.
Download COD UO, open archive and move setup.exe into UO folder.
Docs folder, CoDUO.Dbd, demo32.exe, United Offensive.ico and autorun.inf are optional and the situation is the same as Call of Duty no.5 above.
6. Run setup.exe inside UO folder to see how istallation goes. Note that installation will abort if Call of Duty isn't installed first. Test the game and then uninstallation.
7. Make ISO image.

Differences between InstallShield (original) and Wise (remake) dialogs.
The destination location shows Registry path to COD main game. InstallShield shows full path, Wise short (~ tilde key), don't worry, it's fine.

Call of Duty and United Offensive conversion
1. Make steps 1-4 from Call of Duty conversion.
2. Make steps 1-4 from United Offensive conversion.
3. Now you should have COD and UO folders and we need to merge them.
Delete version.inf inside COD folder.
Delete DirectX folder inside COD and place there the one from UO.
Move UO\Extras\Movies folder to COD\Extra.
Open UO\Setup\Data and move everything to COD\Setup\Data. Replace pb folder if prompt to do so.
Open COD\Setup\rsrc and delete everything except sound folder.
Open UO\Setup\rsrc and move validatekey.dll to COD\Setup\rsrc.
4. Delete UO folder.
5. Download Patch, open archive and move uomappack00.pk3 to COD\Setup\Data\uo.
Download COD-Deluxe.
Delete Docs inside COD folder and place there Docs and UODocs from archive. Also replace autorun.inf, DrvMgt.dll, Launch.exe, Launch.ini, setup.exe.
Open COD\Setup\rsrc and place there art folder, demo32.exe, CoD_Deluxe.dbd and Call of Duty - Deluxe Edition.ico (icon is still optional to use, just watch it's the same name as in autorun.inf).
6. Think that's everything. Run COD\Launch.exe and check Splash screen functions first. Then run installation, test the game (both of them), and then uninstallation.
Also you can uninstall it in 4th way via Splash screen.
7. Make ISO image.

Additional notes:
Might wanna include cracks instead original EXEs before burning it.
There is a few seconds hold up at 54% during installation. Wise installar can't handle over 2GB data very well, so I made a little workaround.
If the game don't start or acts weird, try compatibility mode for, let's say, Windows 98. Remember, this game is 15 years old.
Since there is no CD Check, you'll have to type it in multiplayer game so you can play online (if anyone still plays this). The CD key, if it's valid, then will be exported to Registry.
If you delete game manually or corrupt some files, game won't start and you'll have to reinstall it. This may be hard to do since the installer checks Registry's InstallPath. You will have to open Registry Editor and delete InstallPath string values:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Activision\Call of Duty United Offensive]

OK, think that's all. Would be easier to attach the whole damn ISO instead all this typing. So, if anyone is interested in this old stuff, give it a try.
Attached Files
File Type: rar COD GOTY.rar (9.92 MB, 2 views)
File Type: rar COD UO.rar (4.42 MB, 3 views)
File Type: rar COD-Deluxe.rar (14.05 MB, 10 views)
File Type: rar Patch.rar (36.83 MB, 3 views)

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