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Old 21-08-2001, 16:51
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NTSC 2 PAL. Please Help !

Does any body knows a program that WORKS for the conversion of NTSC backups to PAL backups ?
I already tried the NTSCONV that converts .BIN files to PAL or NTSC, but when I converts a (working) NTSC bakcup to PAL, the PAL backup does not work!
I also tried the PS2.NTSC.to.PAL.VMode.XChanger, that converts ISO NTSC files to PAL ISO. But it's too complicated because, 1st I have to creat a .BIN image, 2nd convert the BIN file to ISO file with bin_to_iso_converter_v2.0, 3rd use the PS2.NTSC.to.PAL.VMode.XChanger to convert the NTSC ISO to PAL ISO, 4th I am not able to burn the ISO image !
Please help me ! Thanks !
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Old 22-08-2001, 02:24
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The reason I bought an NTSC to PAL convertor that sits between my PS2 and the TV was to avoid just the problem you have described. I don't know where you live, but in the UK this gadget is available from Maplins at just c. 60. What's 60 in time trouble internet bills coasters ....
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