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Cool Total War Collection - 11xDVD5 [LZMA + INNO SETUP + CIU]

Base Files: yener90 - Setup Design, Conversion and little edits in CIU: REV0LUTION

:: Notes About the Conversion - Must be Read ::

Hello all, after significant amount of work, i finally completed the conversion of Total War Collection. This conversion is a thanks, a tribute to Total War franchise, the dominant RTS game of our PCs.

Couple of months ago, after Anthology and ME: Trilogy conversions, someone came with the idea of Total War conversion. I would like to thank this user since i dont remember his name anymore (lol) for giving me chance to make this conversion for Total War Series.

In addition to this, i broke couple of records with this conversion, such as:

- The second Bluray PC game,
- The 1st 2 Disc Bluray PC game,
- The 1st 10DVD5+ and 5+ DVD9 PC game
- The biggest background archive (in total 93 backgrounds)
- The biggest music pack (over 57 minutes, and it's not encrypted, so download and extract it even if you dont like the games, just listen, you wont be dissappointed.
- And the most demanding of mine i guess, over months...

I'm writing these informations for 'release groups' too...

Recently i saw some of my conversions over torrents sites and warez sharing places, as games. So some of the people download the game, download the conversion, convert the game and then upload under their names.

I simply dont care what you do with my work or how you use it, make it as warez, convert to DVDs and then sell them, i really dont care.

But keep in mind to credit the work to correct places. You just compile the game after all. The coding belongs to yener and graphics are belong to me.

Keep this in mind, for your ''future releases'' (you, especially ESGAMES)

Enough talk, lets convert the damn franchise !

:: Instructions ::

1. You will install all games to below:

Your Drive:\Program Files\Creative Assembly
Keep in mind, all games must be in the location above.

I'm also giving you installation sequence of TW games, in case you will install them for this conversion:

- Install Rome Total War
- Update it to patch 1.3
- Install Barbarian Invasion
- Update it to patch 1.6 
- Install Alexander, it'll be 1.9 
- Install Medieval II Total War
- Install Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms (It'll be 1.3 version, use No-DVD from PROPHET if necessary)
- Install Empire Total War (Make all official updates, for addon installations such as Darth Mod)
- Install Napoleon Total War 
- Install Shogun 2 Total War install Fall of Samurai (it doesnt matter since FotS covers Shogun 2)
2. After completing installation, go to 'Creative Assembly' and create a folder named 'Expansions'

3. Move 'alexander' and 'bi' folders from 'Rome - Total War' to 'Expansions' folder.

Move 'mods' folder from 'Medieval II Total War' to 'Expansions' folder.

4. Make sure names of TW games are same as below:

Rome - Total War
Medieval II Total War
Empire Total War
Napoleon Total War
Shogun 2 Total War
If they're different, edit them, write the names above.

5. Download the rar archives (2 parts) and iss script from below. Put iss script file in 'Conversion' folder. Open it with INNO Unicode version.

Edit the line below with your games' installed location:

#define ProgramFiles "D:\Program Files (x86)\Creative Assembly"
6. Save and start compile. Conversion will take 3-4 hours according to your system. If you want it faster (will finish in 40 minutes), set 'Compression' to 'none' however, you will have to burn 9 additional DVD5s in the end.

7. Once conversion is completed:


-Autorun.exe, Setup.cab, Setup.exe, Setup.ico, Setup.ini to DVD1

Setup2*.bin files to DVD2
Setup3*.bin files to DVD3
Setup4*.bin files to DVD4
Setup5*.bin files to DVD5
Setup6*.bin files to DVD6
Setup7*.bin files to DVD7
Setup8*.bin files to DVD8
Setup9*.bin files to DVD9
Setup10*.bin files to DVD10
Setup11*.bin files to DVD11

8. Also use Shogun 2's redist components, move them to DVD11/Redist*
(Check setup.ini to see what components you need)

*Create it in last folder (in this case, it's DVD11)

9. Enjoy 1 hour of musical fest during installation.

SIDE NOTES: As always, i recommend uninstall original games, registry clean, then install the games from conversion to see if there's any problem, finally burn to DVDs. Always test the content.


- Medieval 2 separate conversion with Kingdoms. Dont expect anyting about RTW + BI + ALX since Rome is coming.

- And then, when Rome 2 released, expect an update.


Installer creates one additional exe named 'Total War Collection' on desktop. It's broken and useless, so delete it after installation.

Attached Files
File Type: rar TW_COL_V100_DVD5.part1.rar (95.00 MB, 87 views)
File Type: rar TW_COL_V100_DVD5.part2.rar (45.44 MB, 78 views)
File Type: rar TWC_ISS-DVD5-V100.rar (38.5 KB, 42 views)

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