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Old 15-06-2002, 20:54
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Exclamation PS2 Tray Ejects/Closes Too Fast!!!

I have a Neo 2.2 Pro installed in my V1 USA PS2.
When I press the eject button to swap a ps2 backup, the cd tray comes blazing out real fast and sometimes shoots the CD out too. And when I close the tray, it goes back in real fast also, fast enough to damage the PS2.

What is wrong? Please help.

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Old 16-06-2002, 05:14
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There is no brake on the v1. So you'll have to live with that unless anyone else has found a fix.
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Old 16-06-2002, 14:21
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Put a big loose rubber band around the PS2 over the tray and work out how you put the disks in around it. Apply more until you have found the right speed.

If you dont like how it makes your playstation look, too bad. If you dont like how you think it is bad for the eject motors - it cant be as bad as the Neo 2.2 for the laser in your PS2.

Hope it all helps - it isn't that bad for the motor - if it were, the tray wouldn't come out at all, there is a pressure switch for it. I was just having a go at the Neo 2.2

See Ya.
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