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Old 10-05-2021, 22:58
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Question about altering hash table for Settlers 7 ".bba" files

Hi all,

So I've been trying to package my encoded ".bik" videos for the title "Settlers 7", which uses the now discontinued "Havok Vision Game Engine". I've been using this tool, the documentation for which can be found here (google translate recommended), to unpack the ".bba" container files that the majority of the game data resides in. From what little I've been able to find, these ".bba" files use a "hash table" to verify the container is intact (I could be very wrong I'm a tad munted), and as far as I know these files cannot be called when unpacked.

I was wondering if anyone might know how to change the expected hash tables so that I may modify the files to be replaced with encoded copies. I understand this is a very niche topic but just thought I'd give this forum a shot, if I get any info back from the various Settlers modding communities I've also asked I'll be sure to update this topic for any future users.

My method for attempting to package the modified files has been using the above application however I'm not having much luck so far, if anyone knows of any other tools to package loose files into a ".bba" container file that can be called by the title in question, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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