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Old 25-02-2001, 13:17
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Fallout 2

This game is laserlock protected.
I've a plextor 12x/10x/32x/s.
I used the writer as reader.
Settings :
* Read subchannel data & audio tracks : on
* intelligent bad sector scanner : on
12 speed

When I started the game (the copy) than I have this :
module FALLIB.DLL op0167:10001925.
EAX=0013fc5b CS=0167 EIP=10001925 EFLGS=00010286
EBX=00400000 SS=016f ESP=0083fbe4 EBP=0083fbfc
ECX=000fdc64 DS=016f ESI=00000000 FS=50c7
EDX=acff2830 ES=016f EDI=0083fd40 GS=0000
Bytes in CS:EIP:
3e 8b 00 80 3d 1c 21 01 10 01 0f 84 0c 00 00 00
0083fd40 00000000 00000000 81756704 00400000 0083fd40 0083fe2c 0083fd40 004fdc64 004eae4d fffffff6 0083fd40 81756704 004e62e9 72af50c7 000072af

I've also used this setting only : intelligent bad sector scanner : on

I've all so tried a crack but I have version FALLOUT 2: Version 1.0 UK 15 October 1998
And on www.gamecopyworld.com (www.megagames.com astalavista.box.sk/ ) I didn't find the correct crack.

Can someone help me ?
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