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Old 28-11-2001, 23:39
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Plextor 24/10/40a and SafeDisk v2 (Aquanox, Ghost Recon, Max Payne)

Using a Plextor 24/10/40a firmware v1.02 and Clone-CD v3.2.1.1, I used the settings for "Fast Error Skip" I read in another post for making backups of SafeDisk v2 copy protected games and I also changed the regional settings so that I can check "Amplify Weak Sectors". I made a backup of Aquanox and Ghost Recon. I can NOT play these games in any Plextor cd-rw, Sony cd-rw, Phillips cd-rw, HP cd-rw or AOpen cd-rw drives. I CAN however play them in regular cd-rom drives without a problem. On the other hand, when I made a backup of Max Payne with the same settings as above, I was able to play it in all of the above listed cd-rw and regular cd-rom drives. Max Payne has SafeDisk v2 AND Oversized copy protections on it while Aquanox and Ghost Recon have only SafeDisk v2 on them.
Does anyone know why Max Payne will play on the cd-rw drives while the other SafeDisk v2 disks wont?

I have read allot of people praising the "Lite-on 24" cd-rw drive. Is this drive capable of making a true 1:1 backup and then able to play on the same and/or different cd-rw drives?

I would like to make a 1:1 backup without the need of any fixes or no-cd cracks and have it work like the original (in any drive including cd-rw's). Does anyone know which "Current on the market" cd-rw drive is able to accomplish this task?

Thanks for any and all help, please don't reply if you havenít personally tested your methods. I have read and done allot of what other people have claimed to do, but with no avail. Or, perhaps I just don't know the hell I'm doing and I need sell my P.C. and go back to playing my Atari 2600 and TI99-4a. : )
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Old 30-11-2001, 18:39
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Hi matey.

Firstly, stop worrying. Your Plextor drive is absolutely fine.
The problem you describe is more than likely due to the version of safedisc2 protecting each game title.

From about ver 2.40.10 onwards (emerged around August time ish!) the new safedisc2 versions try to check the ATIP portion of the disc in your drive.
Pressed silver originals DO NOT contain this ATIP.
CDRs do.

AND, ONLY cd burners can check if it's there.

So, your copy is perfect, but your cd burners are "giving the game away" that the disc is a cdr and not an original.

Run all sd2 titles from a cdrom, or use software to hide this. Examples include DAEMON TOOLS, and the latest CLONECD version which has a tray based menu with this "hide cdr" option.

Hope this has calmed ya down!
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