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Old 28-12-2002, 19:44
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MAX PAYNE gets pink screen of Death

Sony DRU-500A 1.0f

Burned at 2.4X on DVD+R VERBATIM with nero two times
both do ps2 logo, rockstar, rom ok ram ok, then "THE SCREEN"

Burned at 1X with RecordNOw MAX verified and all, exact same thing happens

I have already succesfully burned 20 ps2 games using the Verbatim 2.4X DVD+R discs and NERO following the exact same methods as i did for MAX PAYNE.

I have cleaned MAX PAYNE thouroughly and still just doesnt work. MAX PAYNE runs fine (original) on my v7 ps2.

What is up??
What I Got:

Playstation 2 V7 w/ APPLE
Plextor 712-A (THE BEST)
ASUS 48x24x48 (100% CloneCD)
P4 3.2GHz Hyper Threaded
1.5 GIGS DDR PC2700
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