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Thanks god felice are you ok. I see the news and the horror people alive in the ground the childs and the old people. Really so sad.
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Good to hear everyone's safe and sound...No one can control force of nature, the more you try to do so, the more it proves ya wrong...So, start green lives
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Hi! I'm currently repacking a game of mine, but I would very much like a readme/manual for the fantastic M&S Kompressor. Like, what's $void and $msrsolid mask? And how do I use it?

- I couldn't find any link to the readme.
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Old 21-01-2017, 08:12
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The masks are different filters that are applied to the data compression, all the compressed files are selected from the setting inside the "arc.groups" files.

The extension of the unrecognized filter is packed with the main method, the recognized filter that starts with the $ sign compresses all the files with the chosen method following.


(/$text= srep+zstd) This will compress all text files separately and then put inside the archive.
($void=msc+srep64+zstd) For the list of non-compressible files, excluding the compression method the files that do not get any compression ratio.
(/$deflate=pzlib...lz77) Filter and compresses all files with the extensions groups, and then put the package in the archive.
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