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Old 08-07-2001, 17:22
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How do you play DC games on net? can it be free, no call charges, plz read

Ages ago i put in the DREAMKEY v1.5 in that came with the DC, signed up and left it, but i want to play games such as DAYTONA on the net, how do you do it? do backups work on net?

Also im on NTLworld on my pc, its 0800 (free number) dialup, can i play games on DC using Ntl world or anythiong else.

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Old 09-07-2001, 05:03
nadnerb nadnerb is offline
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yeah, download an american browser. then put in the ntl phone number and other info and it should work. (that will allow you to surf with NTL)

im not to sure about games though. if they are american then they will work. but i dont know about PAL games. i would imagine they do work though.

ps i havent actually tried this since i havent got NTL anymore.
just give it a try and se what happens.
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Old 09-07-2001, 06:11
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where do i get an american browser, i live in UK, is that ok??, cant i use dream Key 1.5 to surf on ntl???
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Old 09-07-2001, 16:54
BrAvO_BoY BrAvO_BoY is offline
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Download the browser from this site, take a note of your connection details from your PC. You'll need your login, password, phone number and dns servers (use winipcfg to find out the ip addresses of your dns servers under Win9x or at the command prompt in win nt/2000 type ipconfig /all) Using the new browser setup an new account using the ntl details and your ready to go !! You can still surf using the dreamkey disk and any games i've tried have all connected ok
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