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Old 15-01-2002, 18:48
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Why no console line for Wizardry 8?

There used to be a trainer for the original version of Wizardry 8 where you could hold down Alt and another letter to kill enemies. Since this could be done, why wasn't there a key combination to activate a console for typing commands? There's scads of save editors, so why still no postings for a cheat console?

Another thing, with all the know-how for other games and systems, why no info on adapting xbox to the pc (emulators or whatever)?
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Old 16-01-2002, 12:12
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On the console bit, I expect you could see something along this line, *if* there's enough interest among hackers - remember, this is no Wolfenstein - this style RPG appeals to s select subset of gamers, rather than a mass interest.

On the idea of X-box emulators, I'd be very surprised if you *ever* see that for two reasons: 1. Bill Gates is downright paranoid about pirates - I'm sure he made certain that devising an emulation be made as difficult as possible. 2. The process itself is no piece of cake - Look at the PS2 - after years of attempts at this, the best that was accomplished as "bleem!", which largely sucked - most of the games that did run had sound/picture/etc. anomalies that made the playing experience less than stellar. You'll notice that altho the PS2 has been out over a year, there's absolutely no talk of an emulator, and I don't expect there to be.

On the other hand, given how close to a regular computer the X-box is (Intel 733mhz processor, Nvidia graphics), porting X-box titles to PC may be a lot easier for companies to accomplish than other translations. But even that factor is put against Microsoft's urge to have the titles they control to be X-box exclusives in order to spur sales of the hardware. Notice that Halo, which was originally to be a PC title (and is generally agreed to be the best game for X-box) still has no visibility about whether it'll ever make it to the PC. Just my 2 cents.
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Old 16-01-2002, 16:51
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Thanks for a rather non-violent AND informative response, something that isn't so all the time.

Well, B.G. is far from a saint, being as he originally tricked (stoled?) from the original creator out of the dos operating system. I imagine he is notoriously inclined in many other acquititions as well.

I once had a heart to heart conversation with a rather prominent business person and was informed that unless you got it however you could, doubled the price and added 25%, you just can't make it in the business world. I guess that's why I'm no business exec to this day.
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