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an alternative for playing PSX back ups on your PS2

"updated with a supplemental method"


recipe for playing psx back up games on a softmodded (not chipped) PS2 with PSXLauncher.ELF

1. PS2 v.9/SCPH 5000x and up
2. uLaunchelf
3. FMCB (1.8 preferably)
4. sliding tool or flip top cover for fat/slim PS2
4a. fat PS2 flip-top lid install - http://www.******************?v=p7hCr...e=channel_page
4b. slim PS2 flip-top lid install - http://www.******************?v=w5IJw...e=channel_page
4c. sliding tool/magic key tutorial - http://www.******************?v=kfCeSFzW9b8&NR=1
5. USB stick
6. PS1 game
7. PSXlauncher.ELF (the enchilada)

PSXLauncher: google keyword "sksapps" and browse

for a slim ps2: you must have an mc exploit and "your slim needs to be sensor modded." look for a tut for how to sensor mod your slim. psxlauncher will work on your slim if the sensors are blocked.

so i'm assuming that you already have a memory card exploit. from your PC download psxlauncher.ELF and copy & paste it to your USB stick. in uLE's filebrowser, go to mass: to access your USB stick and then push R1 to copy psxlauncher.ELF. now go to mc0: (your memory card) and in the boot folder paste psxlauncher.ELF. now your ready to boot psxLauncher.

now push O on your gamepad to open psxlauncher.ELF that you just pasted. a black screen will appear with instructions of how play psx games (it's so freaking hard to read the lettering on the screen).

ok, now do this

1. insert your original PS1 game (don't press any buttons yet)
2. the game will spin for a few seconds. after it stops, "swap" the disc with your PSX back up with a sliding tool or with your flip top PS2 lid.
3. press "X"

**it helps to have the disc tray open during FMCB and then pop the orig psx game as soon as psxlauncherelf is already on your screen.

if you got it right on money then the PS1 logo will appear and tadda!!!! you're now playing your psx back up game.

if you are having trouble booting psxlauncher.elf then you are experiencing 1 out of 4 things.
1. you don't have a flip top ps2 case or don't have a sliding tool.
2. you are probably not doing the slide tool trick right.
3. your psx back up was a bad burn.
4. your ps2 slim isn't sensor modded.


recipe for playing psx back ups with uLaunchElf

1. PS2 v.9 or higher
2. sliding tool or flip-top lid for fat/slim PS2
3. FMCB (1.8)

note: if you don't have FMCB then i don't know if this will work with just uLE and your trigger disc.

go to the ULanuchElf (uLE) screen and press "select" (or choose "SELECT:Configuration" on the uLE screen which is the last option) on your gamepad and you will be taken to the configuration section of uLE. now, nearly on bottom of the screen look for the "Disc Control" option. by default the disc control option is set to "off." now turn it to "on."

the next step requires you to configure a command set by any button you choose from the button options [], X, /\, on your gamepad besides the O button which is used by default to enter any commands on uLE.

use O button to select your chosen button and after you have been redirected to the PATH: screen, scroll down to MISC/ folder and enter it. once you have entered MISC, choose "PS2browser." once you have chosen PS2browser, you will be redirected to the Select screen on uLE.

NOTE: once you have turned disc control "on" and have chosen a button to launch PS2browser, CHOOSE "Ok" to save the new settings. if you don't save your new settings then you will have to start from scratch.

slim users: just follow the similar pattern below for swapping.

1. Reset your PS2
2. eject the disc tray right when the PS2 starts booting
3. insert your original psx game and in consecutive order, start loading uLE and close the disc tray.
4. swap your original disc with the back up as soon as the disc stops spinning with whichever swapping means you do it with.
5. press the assigned button that you chose for PS2browser.

if you succesfully configured uLE to boot your psx back up then the first thing you will see is the playstation icon and it's sweet sound. there you go. if you are having problems with the swapping method then you need to redo the entire process and if ti still doesn't work then use the first method.

need a flip-top lid or case? ebay it for like $17 bucks @ http://stores.shop.ebay.com/Xbox-360...__W0QQ_armrsZ1
[FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"][COLOR="Blue"][B]SCPH-50001/N - HDL 0.8c w/250GB Maxtor[/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"][B][B]SCPH-7501 w/MM3 chip[/B][/B][/COLOR]
[COLOR="Black"][B]PSP-2001 w/5.00-m33-4 cfw[/B][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR="Lime"]X360 -Jasper/stock[/COLOR][/B][/FONT]

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