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Originally Posted by Razor12911 View Post

I guess everything got glitched, reuploaded

Attachments for this post as it's currently glitched and I can't make changes to it.

@admin/mod please check what the problem is
Thanks for the updates.
1) Is there still another plugin "Ubisoft Dunia 2 Engine" to be updated, or with these post files all plugins are already working with XTool 0.3.20+?
2) These plugins are new plugins for "Far Cry 3 R1" and "Far Cry 4 R1" and
how should they be used (-mfc3 and -mfc4)?
3) This plugin "tc2" is "The Crew 2 R3" (Before "The Crew 2" was always with full name in the zip, so the doubt)?
4) Which library LZ4 (or other) should be used together with fc3 and fc4? The same liblz4.dll version used with the fc5 plugin?

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