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Plugin(s) updated


- Updated Frostbite 3 engine plugin to add support for encrypted streams (FIFA 20, not sure if support is properly added, don't have game..)
- Updated bethesda and hitman plugin to support xtool v0.3.20+


1) Uploaded some updates, I couldn't upload more after this because I think I broke the forum. It doesn't allow me to edit this post so I couldn't make changes.
Each time I press Go Advanced for better edit, I get sent to the home page.

2) This usage is correct, as long as in arc.ini the option part looks like this { -option}

3) I have removed this feature as I replaced it with the feature in your 2nd question.


wtf is this format? XD

I'll look at it when I have more time, I'm a bit busy lately.

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