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Knight Compressor

Knight Compressor

It is a compressor tool with simple GUI and lots of flexibility in term of adding new compression method and compression options.

Special thanks to Cesar82 for his significant contribution and efforts throughout this project and without his support it was not possible for me to complete this project.

Steps to add new compression method and options are below: (lets say we want to add srep compression method)
  1. Add the compression method srep in "Methods_x32.ini" (if it is 32 bit) and/ or in "Methods_x64.ini" (if it is 64 bit).
  2. Create a folder srep in "Resource32" (if it is 32 bit) and/ or in "Resource64" (if it is 64 bit) and copy resources in the folder.
  3. Edit arc.ini file in "Resource32" (if it is 32 bit) and/ or in "Resource64" (if it is 64 bit).

    [External compressor:srep]
    header = 0
    packcmd = Resource32\srep\srep {options} InFile - <stdout>
    datafile = InFile

    [External compressor:srep]
    header = 0
    packcmd = Resource64\srep\srep{options} InFile - <stdout>
    datafile = InFile

  4. Create a text file and name it srep and change the extension to .ini. Add the options for the compression method.
Note: Try to keep the compression method and resource name same. e.g. srep

There is no intention of infringing anyone's copyright.

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Last edited by bunti_o4u; 09-11-2020 at 07:16. Reason: Some processes were not terminating on cancelling the compression. It is fixed now in version 1.1
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